This picture was originally supposed to be just Kristin & I, but of course Camper insisted on jumping on the float with us. Our pool is finally done after 4 months of a dirt filled back yard, and muddy dog feet constantly coming in and out
Kristin and I got a new camera and it kinda looks like this emoji “📷” This was our first test picture together. And over all I think it takes dope pictures. But right when I got the picture on my phone I started to just
SURPRISE!!! 👼🏼 Jk, this isn’t our baby. But it will be VERY fun when we are parents. I feel I was born to be a dad. In the meantime we will just borrow other peoples babies for practice.👌🏼
Kristin and I are in Florida! It feels good to be back home 🏡. Also really quick, the water in LA is pointless because it’s freezing, but Florida water is so warm, and you can actually use it. So points for Florida. ( I keep
Yesterday was one of the hottest days ever recorded in LA. It was 118 degrees at our house yesterday and over 105 today. So in honor of that I am posting this picture of me and Camper in the snow. Because that is all we are wishing for righ
We bought this piano last week for a 150 bucks. And it’s sounds so good. When I played it in the thrift store I knew I had to buy it. We already have an electric one in my office but there is something special about this one. At first
You are an incredible wife Kristin. I don’t know if you guys know this, but she holds it down. She makes the paper (and spends the paper 😅 jk equal paper is spent), keeps the house in perfect order, organizes our entire life
He missed. But we were so close. #ad All good though, because I have an entire pack of @extragum chewy mints to perfect the shot. Also, @cody has been taking time to give me guitar lessons. I think he doesn’t mind helping me because I
Our new YouTube intro and Jingle I made! 😄🙌. What do you think? 📸 @jonsams
Yeah. I wear high socks and shoes to the beach. That’s my freakin swag. What up? Oh, you are bare foot when you go to the beach? Well guess what. Ever heard of sea glass? Did you know it isn’t naturally occurring? I always thought
#ad Me and @kristinjohns are at the point in our relationship where we straight up tell each other “your breathe is stank”. Like first thing in the morning, haven’t said anything to each other, the one person will start talki
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