I can’t believe we fit our Christmas tree inside our tiny little car!! 😂 The guy who was helping us out with the tree said “there is no way you are gonna fit this tree in there..” But ya boi didn’t know the po
Happy Thanksgiving. 🍁 Kristin just dropped an entire glass platter of burning hot stuffing. To the ground. Thankfully it didn’t shatter. Also, she put egg white on her arm to ease the massive burn. That’s the most excit
This is our front yard. I love that our grass is so green and tall. I think the neighbors might hate it because it’s not as short as everyone else’s, but...🤷🏼‍♂️ Btw. Zoom in on my ears. I have
Admit it, we all have stuff that we're working on... even if we don’t want to admit it. Thank you @Lactaid for helping me eliminate one of my problems so that I can #MilkTheMoments and enjoy life, uninterrupted! #ad
We took this picture right when we bought our first house. Nothing about this picture is the same today. We have completely changed the backyard. Brink planter gone. The trees gone. Grass gone.  I don’t think we even have those clothes
When Kristin is gone, my life can get a lot more difficult. Thanks to @belvita my mornings get a little easier by helping me with #mywholesomebreakfast 🤪 Very thankful to be a #belvitapartner ✌🏼😬
Kristin has been catching on to my caption game lately. She anticipates that I’m going to say certain things with wit and a little sarcasm. So when she gave me this picture (she always color edits them for me) she said [in a squeaky vo
Kristin is out of town right now so I’m going to be third wheeling tonight like a champ at the @ElRoyaleMovie premier.....but I don’t think that they really mind 🤷🏼‍♂️😂 #ad #ElRoyale
This picture was originally supposed to be just Kristin & I, but of course Camper insisted on jumping on the float with us. Our pool is finally done after 4 months of a dirt filled back yard, and muddy dog feet constantly coming in and out
Kristin and I got a new camera and it kinda looks like this emoji “📷” This was our first test picture together. And over all I think it takes dope pictures. But right when I got the picture on my phone I started to just
SURPRISE!!! 👼🏼 Jk, this isn’t our baby. But it will be VERY fun when we are parents. I feel I was born to be a dad. In the meantime we will just borrow other peoples babies for practice.👌🏼
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