Oh man, we have fun. Go subscribe to find out why I’m dressed like a rejected Fred Armisen character! @thismightget
Chip has fully acclimated....yes, that is a night gown.
Starting to think La Croix didn’t actually go to law school like he claimed.
See Also: gr8 girlfriend. 💥
See Also: @harto inevitable comment.
MONTREAL! It’s official. I am bringing my show to @justforlaughs on July 26th & 28th !! Link for tickets up in the bio. It’s gone be rrrrrl fun. 💥🤘🏻💥
You Deserve a Pink.
Pussy. Money. Weed.
One hour left of the first #pridelive  GOOOOOO @harto 🌈💙🌈 www.
#tbt to that time I had the honor of taking a pic with Grover and THIS is what I got.... looking higher than Big Bird’s view.
Reason 8634 why @chipmmm kills me. Today he went to get a cover up tattoo. See that snitch? Underneath it was ‘Snitches get stitches’ but the tattoo artist spelled it wrong. STICHES. For seven years.... that said, he decided on th
I understand Instagramming food is cliche... But when you improvise a vegan French onion creamed spinach with roasted tomatoes in tiny cast iron skillets you take a GODDAMN PIC.
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