I’m not gonna say it was my finest idea but it did make me think, ‘Fine, it’s an idea!’ New vid with @csydelko + @gracehelbig 💥💥💥
Today’s aesthetic got me looking like a tall drink of water(ed down beer)🍺 Seriously, why is Anheuser-Busch my favorite designer? Not sponsored. *
Also, I am aware that the duck face is not ok. Lemme have one.
Thank you for being a friend, @msfinkle , and taking me to Golden Girlz. They performed two episodes word for word and, I must say, @misssherryvine gave Rue her do.
It’s not that I want to sit on the couch all day and watch Catfish, it’s just that this tiny hairless gargoyle with a mullet has perched and I ain’t moving it.
UNNFF the polka dots on the spine of #ivegotthisround match the polka dots of my shirt on the cover and it’s little deets like this that keep me truly horny. 🔵🔸🔴🔸⚫️
It’s just one of those ‘put on a Top Gun jumpsuit, pour a glass of red wine, and go through unbelievably cringey notebooks from your early 20’s in prep for your book tour’ kind of nights. Oh, and take a pic looking into
@gracehelbig and I’s aunts, Clidoris and Margaret Cho, took over my channel and are on the prowl for some men this year. Go watch! 🔥
Currently anchored to my couch, soaking up the warmth of my laptop, with this beast mode cold. But that’s okay because last week I was in this postcard of a view, drinking beers, and holding it down as the person who desperately wants
Reunited and it feels so- let’s cut the Shit. @beanzhart heard Cali’s new weed laws came into effect and BOOM. First flight back.
I might be rockin two Rocks on my shirt but I want to give a shout out to my real rock this week, NyQuil. I been swigging outta that bottle like a hobo to his brown bag and I just needed to tell're 2nd fav DQ, girl. *
#1 DQ
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