Came thru drippin’.... Chip Chip
Happy Earth Day! I slept 11 hours and my boobs looked good so I posted this just like Mother Earth would want me to do. 🌍💥
A book! A cocktail! A pool! 💥Not pictured: a very full, lightly buzzed woman whose about to take a nap.
ATTENTION PEOPLES: so I just got to Puerto Rico for a few days to chill. At first I was nervous because there was an island wide power outage just two days ago. In fact, a big chunk of PR has been dark since Maria which was six months ago!
Well, holy shit, @gracehelbig did a video recreating  her favorite pics from my Instagram and she fuckin nailed it. FLABBERGASTED. WIG SNATCHED. OTHER PHRASES. .
Go watch on
The only thing that will get me out of bed before 7am is knowing I’m about to make cocktails for @klgandhoda on the @todayshow 💥🍸💥Kathy Lee hated one of the drinks and I will never stop laughing. Girl d
I have a show this THURSDAY (4/19) and there are still tickets 🔹🔻🔸 come hang with me and validate my career choices! Tix @
Day 7: She poured a crisp kombucha into a martini glass, hoping it would feel like a bubbly fist bump of encouragement as she perused her new cocktail books, occasionally lifting her hand to her mouth to wipe away the drool that had gathere
Being lazy on a Sunday morning? Need a break from scrolling through Beychella and politics? Watch the new YDAD! A Khloé K Revenge Martini..
. .
Spoiler: these are delicious and I make them whenever I cook up a stir fry. .
If you invite me to the beach I WILL bring a laptop and forego all normal beach activities. IT ME. ⛱💽
My talents and commitment to reaching an audience knows no bounds.
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