Back in that ‘drinking cocktails in front of a ring light while my dog ignores my A+ jokes’ life. This one will be live on Friday.
Flashback to last month when I got to hang and talk all things southern with this gem 💎 Oh, and there was champagne 🥂 Oh, AND her book went #1 🎀
L.A. You magical and shit. ✨
Just a casual night out to celebrate your pregnant friend’s alter ego’s lipstick launch. Yep. Totally normal sentence. 💄 ⚡️ congrats @colleen !!
I fucking loved making this show. We had a great run and, sadly, it’s over. 😭 But dry those eyes and turn that grief cocktail into a celebration one, cause we got news. Link in bio.
It’s always nice when friends are supportive of your relationship.
Got annoyed and cut my own bangs so, if you need me in the next month, I’ll be busy wearing low cut shirts and tilting my head at confusing angles.
Just told @beanzhart that some of you haven’t checked your voter registration and she got emotional.... oh god, she found out some of haven’t even registered and she’s full on losing her shit. Please do it! For the sake of my
Approx 8 hours before making our Uber driver take us to Taco Bell.
I broke @gracehelbig but it was worth it.
Last night was the 1st Annual Fall Brawl and everyone brought the mayhem. 2 Andres! 2 Mic Foleys! 2 Undertakers! 2 much fun. Here’s what I managed to capture between doing shot skis and stuffing my face with @chipotle Btw, I only dress
Since exposé docs are all the rage on YouTube now, we decided to get into the mind of the most controversial figure yet.... @beanzhart ⚡️⚡️⚡️ full ep on @thismightget
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