Off to münchen ✈️ let’s fu**** gooooo 💪🏻 @lukamodric10
#RMtraining today..
Luka Modrić: "At Real Madrid you have to perform to a high level in every match because if not then it's difficult to stay there." [Marca]
#RMtraining ..
Modric: "You never know what can happen. I still have two more years on my contract with Real Madrid. I’m happy. I always said that I would like to finish my career in Madrid if it’s possible. But if not, maybe I can see myself a
start preparations for the Bayern clash..
@lukamodric10 ..
*From yesterday’s match* 
#RMtraining.. @lukamodric10
@lukamodric10 vs Athletic Bilbao
Luka Modrić's game by numbers vs. Athletic Bilbao:

74 touches
53 (93%) passes completed
1 assist
Long balls 7(6) 
Key pass 1
Dribbles attempted (succeeded) 4(4) 
Duels (won) 13(8) 
Tackles 2
Interceptions 1 
World class dis
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