we peaked. me and my peak a boos!
been spreading my cheeks lately! 
the ones on my face! my plate is full but my heart is fullier!
and that's the almond milk latte sis
posted up! • thank you aussie boos for sayin hi and welcoming me and my friends! you all made me sooorrr hoppy. ❤️ thank yoooorrr for the international lovin'. i WILL see you again soon.
keepin you at arms length
flora the explora
i dont know how they're doing this... but mirrors are getting better and better looking
this is a sign for gringos. pero like, super friendly doorway! open to conversation.
The ground is paying full-price for anything, lololol. You can find me hovering like this at the #Nordstrom Anniversary Sale boo. Come fly with me, and look fly with me. Let's spend some time, and save some money at the #NSale baby. You can
I haven't told you all the truth... I'm actually a quadruplet. I'm not even in this picture. I took it. But here are my adorable sisters yelling about the #Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. They're very excited, as you can tell by their similar e
#Nordstrom is having a sale, and I am having heart palpitations. My corazón skips a beat, but NOT A SALE, BABY. I know you love it too, so let's spend this and spend less together. Happy Anniversary Sale to us, babe. Thank you @nordstr
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