my red car(pet) look
split roads • ya girl did a live AMA while going 130mph, while in an @audi, while looking this sexy. click the link in my bio to watch me #thinkfaster in the best #ad you've ever seen.
they see me rollin, they hatin
laughing because you cant hear our toots over the music #vibes
dinosaur gone wild
i look like a clingy friend, but im not. im a clingy girlfriend. *creepy smirk
all the boys, and scott. happy birthday girly!
she touches my heart. and the rest of me too. happy birthday @lizakoshy. ❤️
listen to your sole
rubik's cubes are racist. the goal is to separate the colors. thats why i never solve them, because im a woke, easily offended millennial. that, and i dont know how to, which angers me and sends me into a downward spiral of online shopping.
watched the brady bunch with my polly pocket today. a rad day until my tamagotchi died and i lost a gel pen. would talk more, but my dad needs the landline and i gotta go fax my mom.
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