Fallon aesthetic 💅🏻💍 #Dynasty is Back April 20th.
New #Dynasty this Friday!! Lotta fun with @rafaeldlf in this one. Also, I’m incredibly tan in it. 2 reasons to watch.
A Woman Under the Influence: Fallon Carrington Edition #Dynasty
Posing in mansion corridors with @natkelley since March 2017. 🐍
Fallon loves an ornate robe. She wears yet another one tonight. Don’t miss an all new #Dynasty tonight at 8 PM on The CW. It’s a pretty major episode. Hope you’re ready.
Is that all there is to a pool fight? Is that....all there is? Tune in Friday at 8 PM on The CW to find out. 🌊
New #Dynasty Friday. 💋
It’s that time of week again! Pour that bubbly & strap on those heels cuz an all new #Dynasty is coming at you tonight at 8 PM on The CW. You don’t want to miss this episode. She’s a good one.
Another day, another funeral. Don’t miss an all new #Dynasty this Friday at 8 PM on The CW 🥀
Like Mother, like daughter. One of my favorite episodes this Friday. Don’t miss it. #Dynasty
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