Who wants to play a “Liza Kei Quiz” ? 🤓✨some of you guys have been following me for so long - Im blessed to have my insta gang ❤️👫👬❤️.
But pictures never really reveal eno
At some points in life - it really makes sense to SHAKE. When your body is shaking - that’s the moment it developed strength
We are expecting some heat this week in LA ✨🍳 with @cawfee @tjswim_
Today’s action with @erwinmarionneaux 🎥
When you see me up close
I won’t hurt you I won’t hurt you I won’t hurt you I won’t hurt you
12hrs of sleep
LOVE my new introduction video! ❤️✨thank you @dtmodelmgmt
It has been a month in Los Angeles ✨ @dtmodelmgmt @onemanagement for bookings
Rainy Los Angeles today🙏🏽
A year ago I would not imagine that I ll say that - yoga is changing my life! ✨ thank you @wanderlusthlwd ❤️
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