When you’re forced to third wheel😒😩 w/ @haileebobailee @iamstevenspence (tag a third wheel)
THANK YOU @gqmexico ❤️❤️ my first magazine cover
When bae’s a player 😡👊🏼 w/ @twan @montanatucker @directedbystro @iamstevenspence @itsabiperl @haileebobailee @hanagiraldo @adamw @chelsearae__ @logan_kunde  @sebastiangenta (tag a friend)
Como La Flor🌼... (what’s your favorite flower?)
When bae’s friends interrupt your relationship 😒😡 w/ @twan @adamw @iamstevenspence @sebastiangenta @logan_kunde @hannahstocking @directedbystro (tag a friend)
ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHAKIRA MOVES.... wait for the end 💃🏼💃🏼 (which move was your favorite?)
That ONE hot friend of the group😍😂 (tag a hottie)
FAMOUS MODEL VS. ME 😍😂 w/ @alessandraambrosio (tag a model)
BEEN WAITING FOR THIS PICTURE MY WHOLE LIFE... 😱😱 (who’s your #1 idol? )
I CAN’T BELIEVE I MET @shakira 😱😱😱 IM STILL CRYING!!! I’ve waiting for this moment for so long! Finally after 20 years of listening to her music and dancing to her songs I got to meet my #1 idol!!!
“SE PONE CELOSO”...❤️😏 (what’s your favorite song)
Expectations vs. Reality buying dresses online 🤨😂 w/ @hannahstocking @adamw @jeff @directedbystro (tag a friend)
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