Me at clubs and parties be like...😐😂 (tag that friend)
When you see your crush with someone else 😱😡 (tag a friend)
KEEP HIM IN YOUR PRAYERS!!!! If you want to help:  LINK IN BIO.
GET UP AND GO VOTE!!! Little @kaiagrutman can’t vote but she is urging everyone to go 🇺🇸❤️ (did you vote?)
MIA ❤️❤️❤️ @montanatucker @iamrobertdavis @j.marzzz
🎥-@rubenvagalume (tag a dance friend)
Bienvenidos a Miami 🌴🌞 (where are you from?)
When parents interrupt your relationship 😒😂 w/ @twan @spence @directedbystro (tag a friend)
QUEEN OF CARDS♦️❤️ #halloween2018 makeup: @lou_flores
Instagram couples be like...FAKE😂👊🏼 w/ @twan (tag a friend)
Mi corazón ❤️ (tag your best friend)
Mr. and Mrs. Smith Our Version VS. Classic Version 😏 (what are you gonna do for Halloween?) makeup: @josefigz
Babies love me...😂🤮 FAIL @hannahstocking @montanatucker (tag a baby lover)
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