flew to japan and stood on a rock with my normal hair color / for le monde @hermes with @benjamingrillon @vanessareidofficial @tomjohnsonstudio @emgaffs 💗
jeremy and i took the risk to spend 2.5 week inside this room and write music. we didn’t have any experience working together, it could have been a cloudy disaster but it turned out to be the opposite. i’m filled with gratitude fo
😴 feeling a bit like this today on the last day of my trip - portrait i took of maartje in my first apartment in new york, 2015.
ny it’s been a while - @jeremywilliecox and i have been wanting to write music together for a long time. it made me fly back to the city for the first time since i moved away two years ago. it all feels totally different. we’re mo
🌌 odessa in big bear - finally got some film developed after months of having a break from photographing
me & u a very long time ago 
self-portrait in an atelier 
in italy for @ilarianistri, 2017
goodmorning, hormone cycles are real + will u hire me as your baby sitter. will sing them this
grandma plays sometimes
thinking about groceries, chemtrails? and foxes + gave myself a haircut thank u @massimodutti
film still of odessa drawing in the morning, big bear
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