the last few months i’ve been exploring video❣️ tomorrow 8pm @ the melkweg will screen a music video I created for @sofiewinterson + some other videos + she will play a live set afterwards!
the first EP of @fakelakeband is almost finished- coming your way in the near future. here some photos from the near past to keep you company in the meantime 🌿 c u soon!
@hermes 😴 💐 🚁 > paris
hi internet, are you still here. lots of things are shifting and moving, hope to tell u about it soon 🕊 bye!
💬 hi here are some ambiantic keys to fall asleep to, joined by visuals of last week. & i’m off this sociable thing for the next 3 weeks (feel free to join) reach me on email or cell-phone! 🏕
grandma’s house
comfortably back home, necessarily correcting mom’s posture
a small moment of last week where we were: ☁️+🌲+🌙 now back in 3-d
italy, 2017 for @ilarianistri
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