*gets out of the recording studio* ....... *runs to the pool*
repost @bengiroux
stop and smell the bougainvillea
hey @broadwaybarbie come back to California plz + thank u
California (knows how to party) 🌴
happy pride 🏳️‍🌈
I know all these mirror pics are cringey af but I’m finally feelin myself and my body again after like 4 years of hating how I looked on tv so thanks for putting up with me lmao ❤️
PS shoutout to hot yoga sculpt 
PPS I shou
Keep moving. Keep growing. Allow yourself to step away from situations that are toxic. Expose yourself to the world. Feel everything. Love everyone. Treat yourself as kindly as you treat others. Don’t ask for respect, earn it. Dream bi
5/27/18, abandoned water tower, Malibu ✨
(It’s a bathingsuit, this photo was taken immediately after cliff jumping, chill)
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