I’m sitting on my Mom’s couch in sweatpants and cowboy boots but I wore this once!
A walk to work but also an emotional rollercoaster? Join us?
That one time I was on Twin Peaks (I’ve never seen an episode of Twin Peaks)
@emily_ferber did this pose better than me but I’m gonna post it anyways because if you look at for too long I have serious crazy eyes going on too!
Hell. Oh. My very talented wife @laurendaccache has a piece for auction on @seeyounexthursday from our trip to Belize and you should check it out. Ok bye! Off you go!
Chicago’s great
The #campglossier film
Glossier Chicago even though I had wine spilled all over me it’s fine
There was a corn party
5 Star Uber rating
Serious business ladiez that do nothing but facts and figures and serious business (📸 @emilyknecht)
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