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Galileo before and after. Your donations are working. Every single dollar you donate goes directly to save this and many other sentient beings. THANK YOU and BJWT for giving them the opportunity  to have  a life with love, dignity, respect
Best buds.. ❤️ #blackjaguarwhitetiger #boycottcircus visit to purchase this @blackjaguarwhitetiger hoodie or SnapBack hat.. my nephew just received his first Achilles t-shirt the other day!! Time to get him t
Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️ #Repost @blackjaguarwhitetiger with @repostapp
Guys, we made a more abstract design now. I hope that you like it, we really need your support; The Foundation is growing
When @blackjaguarwhitetiger first rescued the leopards from the circus a while ago.. Devageet wasn't too fond of the person I was with. Animals don't lie 😂😂 listen to his warning snarl.. leopards might be one of the sm
I want to thank @crossbayautotireshop for getting me out of a major jam this morning!! Wow I honestly don't know what I would of done without you guys. I was on my way in to work when I hit a really bad pot hole and blew out my front tire.
This one is only for the haters !! Look at my boy iLanga 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 are you kidding me ??? 452 LBS of pure muscle.. I think he takes after his uncle Johnny 😁 he is the
Thank you so much for your Love and support to the @blackjaguarwhitetiger Foundation. 🐾
Shop and Donate online at or on ▪️
La pueden adquirir en o e
At least we know why @blackjaguarwhitetiger @eduardoserio loves Cancun so much.. tmz dug up this gem from a few years back at mandala beach club.. this video puts so much into perspective #justcomeoutalready #iwillstillbefriendswithyouiswea
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