Falling Bodies #3
Falling Bodies #2
This series was my first exploration into fine art and is serving as inspiration for my next project.
Falling Bodies #1
This print is mesmerizing in person.

28’’ x 42’’
Edition of 5 + 2 AP
Pretty pumped to see My Diver In The Desert print out in the wild. Thank you @treasongallery 
This is awesome.

Diver In The Desert
43.5’’ x 58’’
Edition of 5 + 2 AP
#KeatleyFamily outtake from 2017
#KeatleyFamily outtake. I just couldn’t keep this to myself. #Muse
I have thoroughly enjoyed the response to our family picture these last couple of weeks. Confusion, alarm, and deep disappointment by family members who just want “a nice normal picture” of our family. This picture will not be hun
2018 Keatley Family Picture. Happy Holiday’s everyone. #KeatleyFamily
You can get both of my Creative Live classes for 25% off with the code JKeatleyF&F at checkout. This also works with every class offered by Creative Live. My classes cover stylized portrait photography, and business, marketing and personal
The custom suit @hillazstyles made for me when spitting coffee on the photographer became part of the job. It was worth it. #Throwback
It’s getting to be that time again. I’m giving myself 2 days to commit to the new #KeatleyFamily picture concept. 😬
Feeling renewed in the desert. Every year I get away for 4 days with a small group of friends and we share about struggles, triumphs, family, and life in general. It started out as a business focused group but has grown into so much more. I
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