You can get both of my Creative Live classes for 25% off with the code JKeatleyF&F at checkout. This also works with every class offered by Creative Live. My classes cover stylized portrait photography, and business, marketing and personal
The custom suit @hillazstyles made for me when spitting coffee on the photographer became part of the job. It was worth it. #Throwback
It’s getting to be that time again. I’m giving myself 2 days to commit to the new #KeatleyFamily picture concept. 😬
Feeling renewed in the desert. Every year I get away for 4 days with a small group of friends and we share about struggles, triumphs, family, and life in general. It started out as a business focused group but has grown into so much more. I
TBT 2000, and I really have no idea what is going on here. On multiple levels. What I can say though, is the world didn’t end, and this is a picture of me and one of my oldest and dearest friends Scott. And we decided to bleach our hai
Uniform glasses #KeatleyUniform
Fabric samples and foil stamp. #KeatleyUniform
This holiday season, I will be releasing my first book, Uniform. #KeatleyUniform
Cloud hunting for a new personal image I am working on.
The end of summer colors
Feels good to be home.
Hemos terminado!!! Wow. What an adventure. We really went for it. Thank you @energybbdo for dreaming big & @williamtv for not sleeping this past month. @gershmiller @bpesk @bisnaga @nickjsesto @redeyereps @smile__________________ Thank you!
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