I want to be real with you. And I have 2 things to tell you. Number 1: The reason I had left social media for 11 months is because it was affecting my mental health. I needed to lose social media in order to stop living for it. I think our
One day that we were in the camp for a large project to take care of we noticed a boy that was really struggling to walk. He was alone and had a few tears on his eyes. He was looking really lost and confused. I asked him to show me his feet
When I was 10 years old, I really couldn’t understand why adults were treating me inferior to them. They had been kids too. How come they couldn’t remember? One day that I felt really undervalued, I promised myself to remember thi
She is my boss. 📸 by @zachdoleac
One brilliant girl I met told me a good talk isn’t someone trying to be inspiring but it’s someone being INSPIRED. I love this. Maybe in the past I have tried to be inspiring. I never want to do this again. So, here is an attempt
Hello Instagram. It’s been exactly 11 months. Longer than it takes to create a baby. I spent most of those months in Bangladesh with the Rohingya refugees of Myanmar. I haven’t even had a chance to tell you about this mission but
That time @eljuanpazurita & I became school teachers in the Philippines 😂🇵🇭👍
• For the little story: it was last summer, we were installing solar lights on this island and we noticed the sch
I have been asked in the comments to share the images of the terrorist attacks in Mogadishu. I will never do this. I will NEVER post violent terror images in here because I understand the cost of those images to the people in Somalia. Becau
‪We have the same smile 😍😄
5 years ago, Malala was shot in the head for publicly campaigning for Pakistani girls to go to school. She survived, kept campaigning, and became a symbol for women's rights across the world. Today, she attended her first lecture at Oxford
Can you see the purity of his heart?
BIG BIG NEWS! Google just made a donation of $500,000 to our movement #LoveArmyMexico 🇲🇽 !!! This means we've raised over 1,3 Million $ for Mexico since the earthquake!! 💪 We are going to use all of this mon
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