Yesterday’s look 💋 @laurastiassni @rominahair
Babysitting birthday boy @lilbabychester @allyjablonski
Lucked out with the sun this trip , let’s hope Wales brings the same 🙏🏽. London —> Wales
Trying to communicate pre coffee
Monday’s 😑 . Photo: @carinbackoffphoto . MakeUp: @tracyalfajora (don’t actually smoke)
(Secretly in pain from new shoe blisters). 😑😵
Lazy rainy days @magnusunnar @jbrandjeans
Yesterday’s look 💋
NY, let me know when the sun comes back
Outtake. 📸 @jackwaterlotstudio . Styling : @edmondalison Hair: luke_chamberlain MakeUp: @sirjohnofficial
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