This Christmas I had a chance to go back and spend a day at The Rainbow Centre in Sri Lanka. 4 years ago my brother and I had the joy of visiting this place and we made a film which we shared on YouTube. It truly is one of the most special
The beaches Of Gurubebeila, southern Sri Lanka. 🌴
Fresh coconuts to your door at the @jamusurflodge 🌴🥥
Hey friends, it’s a new year which means a new you! I’d like to share something with you that I’m personally very passionate about. To keep a long story short, two and a half years ago I stopped eating meat and adopted a plan
I'm so proud of Finn for embarking on his first TEDx talk. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the topic of climate change and wonder 'What can I do?!' In this talk Finn suggests three simple actions that can go a long way towards making tangi
Fishermen out in Gurubebeila bay at sunset. Views from the @jamusurflodge
Step aside Mowgli 🌴
A few weeks ago my friends at the @jamusurflodge finished construction and opened for their first season. We had the pleasure of being some of the first guests to stay. Run by three friends from Norway, it’s impeccably designed and loc
Merry Christmas from the @jamusurflodge here in Sri Lanka.
A portrait of Ismail Arab from Boodlhey, Somaliland. #Facesofchange
A portrait of Xaawa Ali. 
This is part of a continuing series of images depicting ‘Somaliland Nomads’. Somaliland could be considered the canary in the mine in a world that is getting hotter and where extreme weather conditions a
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