🍜🇨🇳 Check me out on Weibo.
Hi all❤️I think supporting and protecting the planet and animal kingdom is SUPER important. I gave one of my old jackets to charity. A jacket that I had on my first tour and at one of my first photo shoots. FOLLOW THE LINK IN BIO
So super excited to come to Croatia MAY 29th🙏🏻❤️You guys have written SO many messages and now I get to come and meet you. TO WHICH CITY SHOULD I COME and to which country after Croatia? #IsacElliotPopUpEurop
I have cool fans.
Thank you Gothenburg❤️You were amazing🇸🇪💙
Stockholm was amazing🙏🏻🇸🇪 GÖTEBORG IDAG 19.00 🇸🇪
The whole airport heard our names through the speakers because we were late 🦀 Can only go up from here
SVERIGE❤🇸🇪Göteborg! Super excited to tell you that I will do a free pop-up show and Meet&Greet in Gotheburg at Hard Rock Café, May 11th at 19.00. HOPPAS VI SES DÄR😘
Got to perform for some lovely competition winners in Greece @mad_tv ❤🇬🇷 Can't wait to come back and do a show for all of you! #linkinbio #IsacElliotPopUpEurope
Next pop up show will be in SLOVENIA on May 30th. You guys have been SO active and can’t wait to meet you all🇸🇮❤ To which CITY should I come? And to which COUNTRY after this? #IsacElliotPopUpEurope
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