After flying all night and arriving at my hotel at 9am, there is no room available for a few hours. Not very lucky this morning. What does every OCD photographer do - take a walk and look for images. Especially when the light is sweet. @the
I am excited about returning to Prague and Vienna this week. From a previous trip,  a trolley crosses the Vltava River in Prague, the famous Charles Bridge is in the background. Swipe left 👈 to see an aerial of Vienna and the Dan
The sides of buildings here in New York are a great canvas for murals. This one is being painted just around the corner from me - it's been fascinating watching the process. If anyone knows this artist let me know so I can credit or hashtag
Excellence in horsemanship has always been associated with the people of Mongolia, a tradition that goes back to the times of Chinggis Khan, the great unifier of Mongolia. Competition on horseback is part of the Naadam Festival which also c
It's the 17th Anniversary of the tragic events of September 11. I photographed the Twin Towers of Light the first time they illuminated the New York skyline, March 2002, six months after the towers fell. The photo was taken from the Empire
The skies in the south Gobi desert, Mongolia can be incredibly clear, a perfect opportunity to photograph celestial events. Capturing the Milky Way rise over a Mongolian Ger is an amazing experience. And this night Mars - the bright spot ju
It is always fun visiting families in their homes, in this case a nomadic Mongolian family in their Ger or Yurt, in the south Gobi desert. I met a mother with her daughter and granddaughter and was offered some warm mare’s milk. A trea
I don't know why basketball is so popular here in Mongolia. Throughout the country in the most remote regions one sees basketball hoops and courts. When I was here in June all the restaurants and bars had the NBA finals playing. Does anyone
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