Featured photo by @salvarezphoto
Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPclassic
The goal this weekend is to create photos and videos that display a timeless quality. Whether you’re nostalgic for a past era or inspired by traditions that stand
Video by @made_by_helga
Visual artist Helga Stentzel (@made_by_helga) believes in the beauty of imperfections. “All these ‘alleged’ defects give subjects their uniqueness and, often, transform them into objects of art,”
Video by @cacalazzari
“I think I’ve been chosen by music,” says Cacá Lazzari (@cacalazzari), who lives in Rio de Janeiro. “Music is my life, my religion, my everything.” Cacá started drumming when he was
Photo by @zooeyinthecity
Meet Zooey Miyoshi (@zooeyinthecity): a kindergarten student and 5-year-old fashion influencer. On her third birthday, her mom, Mai, started an account all about Zooey. Fast-forward two year and Zooey and her famil
Photo illustration by @leighyogipilot
Every week, helicopter pilot and yogi Leigh Emily (@leighyogipilot) takes a mid-air photo of herself in a favorite yoga pose. “I’ve never considered myself an artist, but since I joined Insta
Photo by @susanblanda
“In this quiet moment, you can really feel the connection between the surfers,” says Susan Blanda (@susanblanda), who took this photo in between sets of waves. “They share a deep love of the ocean that
Photo by @ensi_gh
In northern Iran, the background of an abandoned factory inspired architect Ensi Qadimi (@ensi_gh) to see something more. “The rusty metal plates resembled a jigsaw puzzle to me,” she says. “I felt like the
Today we’re introducing two new tools to help you hold on to your favorite moments from Instagram Stories and share them in new ways that help you express yourself. Stories Highlights is a new part of your profile where you can show mo
Photo by @ted.ns
Fall and fog for #WHPinspired 🍁
Photo by @mcheblak
No need to look farther than your bookshelf. #WHPinspired
Photo by @lorimhawk
Lori Hawkins (@lorimhawk) stands in awe of this swimmer emerging from the cold Atlantic waters, hands joyfully raised.
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