Photo by @ali_lapetina
When she moved to Detroit for college, documentary photographer Ali Lapetina (@ali_lapetina) connected to her new home through her camera. “I soon realized that it was the doorway to interact with residents in v
Photo by @cpprice
On the remote north shore of Lake Superior, Cara Price (@cpprice) often retreats to her yurt for work, fun and reflection. “This place is a source of great inspiration,” she says. “I find myself slowing dow
Photo by @slevinaaron
This must be what happens if you sit still for too long. #WHPimbored
Photo by @ccm_2
You: “I’m bored. What should I do?”
Brain: “Well, we have these googly eyes and a camera.” #WHPimbored
Photo by @kelly_bove
Can we go play already? 🐶😴🐶
Follow along for more of our favorites from last weekend’s hashtag project, #WHPimbored.
Featured photo by @anugrahdimass
Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPimbored
Bored doesn’t have to equal boring in this Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPimbored.
Surprise us with humor. Boredom can be funny, like in this all-too-relatable phot
Video by @zephanijong
Since her days of childhood doodles, 18-year-old Zephani Jong (@zephanijong) has been interested in drawing people. “I started practicing very realistic and detailed hands and eyes, and then learned to draw the r
Photo by @jonathanerik
What do punk rock music and hairstyling have in common? A lot, as men’s hairdresser Jonathan Erik (@jonathanerik) tells it. “With punk music, there aren’t a lot of outside rules,” says Jonathan, w
Video by @alamelu24
At home in India, artist Alamelu Annhamalai (@alamelu24) challenged herself to these simultaneous single-line drawings. “I love that I was just experimenting at home and had no idea that others would think it was g
Photo by @petraleary
Players showing off their skills, or a court showing off its colors? You decide. #WHPshowoff
Photo by @rileybeann
Did someone say T-R-E-A-T? 😛 #WHPshowoff
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