Met this awesome guy @bhuvan.bam22 and we did a fun thing for his channel that you’ll see soon. I love meeting creators from around the world and learning from them, vibing with them and having pimples around them. It’s all about
My dad @iimanjeetii’s morning routine is basically him retelling stories about back in the day, and then complaining about how nothing is as good as it was back in the day. 🙃 Hence why my morning routine starts a smoooothe 2
Happy Canada Day to all my fellow timbit eaters. I have always been and will continue to be extremely proud of where I come from. Canada is a country that leads with love and heart. It’s the place that gave my immigrant parents a home
When you and your ex are in the same room and y'all can't resist the urge to straight up ROAST each other. 🔥 Bread-rolls will never be the same fam!! 😂 Tag a friend who can relate and click the link my bio to watch the
The only reason my arms are mildly toned tbh.
Back in the day summer meant school's out, ice cream truck szn, colouring outside of the lines, and doing everything in our power to stay awake. Now summer means paying someone to tell us we should colour and praying no one tries to pull us
Finally, a news program I can get on board with! 😂🌶 Check out #SpiceNews on IGTV, which is a new feature on Instagram. It’s free, just update your app and you’ll see it on my profile! @iimanjeetii and @iipara
I swear if I really ended up on a ship every time #TeamSuper shipped me and someone else, I’d be seasick for life YO! 🤣 S/o to my homies @fousey, @colleen, @mirandasingsofficial, @kingsleyyy @dtrix for comin’ on board
Introducing Spice News! Your one stop for news, gossip and gup shup. Featuring superstar reporters @iiparamjeetii and @iimanjeetii, bringing you the stories that matter. Stay tuned for their first report, tomorrow, ONLY on IGTV. Which means
On a boat. In France. Getting photobombed by @teamcoco. Can’t complain ❤️
Thank you universe for giving me a friend like @stephaniemcmahon. Her existence has improved my life significantly. Not only does she teach me so much and inspire me but I also have a great time eating junk food while watching her work out
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