Bought a school desk for my house because I want to be a student forever 💪🏽📝 #HustleHarder
Yeah yeah, winning an award at an award show takes some skill, SUREEE, but losing ain't a walk in the park either! Have you ever tried to nod your head while maintaining a consistent clapping speed, with 267 cameras in your face?! If you as
Found this dweeb in Grand Central Station, NYC.
Doing fashion in NYC.
Everybody has their own DM style, but I can almost guarantee your DMs with your BFF look like a shady (and vulgur AF) meme account! 🤣 All of those memes you're too afraid to @ mention your BFF in the comment section are sitting i
Makes to do list. Poses with pen. When the nerd within is LARGE.
Kinna sonha tinu rab ne banayaa ❤️
You can tell a lot about a guy by the types of tattoos he has. Like if you think a guy with a lion tattoo is gonna let you get a word in edgewise on a date...GOORLL you are sadly mistaken! 🤣😂 Oh, and no coffee will eve
The only reason my arms are mildly toned is because they have to deal with my hair. Winning. 💁🏽‍♀️
That moment when you're being schooled in a sex-ed class by another student 🤣 And you lowkey don't even know how to spell some of the ish they're talking about! What the hell is a peen?! BEEN THERE. 🙋🏽‍
I had the honour and privilege of spending last week in the middle of the Amazon jungle. It was a surreal experience to say the very least. Not only did I have to continuously step out of my comfort zone while living amongst wildlife but I
If only it was this easy 🙄 I'm not gonna lie, some of y'all could use some serious re-wiring...I mean tbh some of us ladies could use some rewiring, too. #WHERESTHERESETBUTTONTHO?! 🤣 Tag a friend who's looking to build
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