It’s been a month since I’ve shot anything creative for my channel. But behind the scenes, I’ve slowly been brainstorming. I’ve taken time to focus on ideas that excite me, which is why I’m thrilled to announce my r
First off, I am so incredibly grateful that I’m in the position to have merch that excites me. Secondly, I’m so thankful for your support thus far! I’m so happy to hear y’all like the new #ConquerCollection as much as I
#TeamSuper Tracksuit available now at [link in bio] #ConquerCollection
Reversible Hustle Harder Jacket available now at [link in bio] #ConquerCollection
Conquer Crewneck Sweatsuits available now at [link in bio] #ConquerCollection
It’s been almost two weeks since my break started and I’m thrilled to share that I’m already starting to see glimpses of my old health and happiness return. By “old” I mean, I’m starting to recognize that ambit
Need to get better at laughing in real life and not just for Instagram pics. Ain’t that the truth though. I’m a little insecure about my body in a swimsuit but then I look around at my mom and aunts and they’re made from 100%
Nature gives the best hugs.
Around the world, children’s rights are denied every day. This World Children’s Day, sign @UNICEF’s #GoBlue petition to ask world leaders to put children at the top of the agenda, where they belong. Young people make up 25% o
Earlier this week I announced a break from YouTube due to wanting to work on my mental health and happiness. I honestly wasn’t expecting the reaction I received. Firstly, I want to say a very deep, heartfelt thank you to all my friends
Weird flex but ok.
Trying to look cool while my insides are literally on fire because I just shot #HotOnes with @complex and tell my mom I love her.
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