I have never felt such a form of love before... So pure, so endless, so full of hope, so protective, so natural, so whole and flawless... Going through this colorful rollercoaster of emotions. So excited of finally meeting him and yet - sad
Leaving something so precious behind me - the most magical memories... And I get so attached to a new home, it is always a heartbreak to leave...especially this wonderland - full of Life, purity and simplicity. So raw, so undamaged.. So fer
Will be missed...
Never-ending horizons... #NewZealand
If I just knew..that this day, just a few days before Christmas, will change my Life forever...That day, hugging my cousin Laura, partner in crime and promesing each other "WE ARE DOING THIS! " and a month later we did... I couldn't be mo
Will miss waking up by an early neighbour visit 😂 eating all my lettuce.. #newzealandsunrise
A few last letters to be written. I made a promise to 3 very special little girls. Latvia - India - New York.. Would take me months to reach them just 100 years ago. Now it is almost a shame not to write any... Just remembering my happiness
Sharing is more than caring.. Sharing is love! ❤️💫 #NewZealand #ifonlyiwasananimalwhisperer was too hungry not to have the most part. But he was still happy to have it 😄
And some good looking birthday dinner! One lucky barracuda escaped me though 🙊😁 #NewZealand best place to go fishing - easier than buying one in the market in NYC 😂
So grateful every day.. most of all to my parents, for giving my sister, what she asked for so incessantly 26+ years ago - a little sister! 💫 To give me this chance to live Life, embrace it and take the best out of it. All those
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