I’ve been so lucky to witness the power of female creativity throughout my life and to call my collaborators my friends. @catrendic is a strong female force who keeps me on track when the road gets bumpy. With her, nothing seems imposs
España Beasters!! El domingo 7 de octubre estaré en Barcelona en un concierto exclusivo de @vodafoneyu 🔥 Descarga tu entrada doble gratuita en antes de que se acaben 🎟🎟
Tonight was a dream. Thanks @jlo ❤️
@youtube changed my life and to be invited to perform at their Latin Music Night was something so special for me 🙏🏽 Thank you to my @youtube familia for having us! ❤️ @leroysanchez
‼️ ‼️ @latinamas #LatinAMAs 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Coming soon!! 🌊☀️🚲 El 3 de octubre se estrena “Canal Sony Presenta Becky G” en @canal_sony ¡Agenden! #BeckyGEnSony
My @WORDAFUL episode is live!! #FAMILIA is everything and I loved being able to share just how much this simple word means to me ☺️ Gracias for having me @lizhernandez 💕 Can't wait for the event next weekend 9/29!! Who
👯‍♀️🕺🏽👯‍♂️💃🏽 ⬅️ Me when I heard about our 3 @latinamas nominations!! Estoy muy agradecida! I am so grateful 🙏🏽 W
Todo comenzó caminando en la calle, me apretaste la mano yeh eh eh... 🔥 Let me know how many times you’ve listened to #CuandoTeBese with these 💋💋💋 @spotify Also, I’m homeeee for a l
#MaldelaCabeza con mis hermanos @mauyricky!! 🖤
Que viva Mexico 🇲🇽
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