as many of you guys know, I’ve been wearing glasses / contacts for the past 10 years or so. I live with it because, well, I have to; but in all honesty it’s an absolute pain. I’ve always envied people who can wake up in the
during this cold, dark and wet British winter I wish I was in Monaco with my girl... spontaneous trip, anyone? ✨
on another note, we have to live here for just a little before moving to Florida, @monicagartner. deal?
I guess you could say my girlfriend’s mother approves of our relationship considering she literally begged us to take this and 590+ more kissing pictures in Paris.
she even resorted to bribing Monica with food to take more when Mon
the first night in our new apartment was... disappointing, frustrating and lonely.
I talk all about it in a slightly different than usual kind of video up on my YouTube channel tomorrow!
my favourite view to wake up to... the sad part of a long distance relationship is not knowing when I’ll wake up to this again. it could be weeks or months - we never know.
do you prefer my current silver hair or brown hair? 🤔💇🏻‍♂️
also leaving New York tomorrow and don’t know when I’ll be reunited with Monica ☹️ LONG DISTANCE SUCKS.
heading back to New York with my love today after a super fun time in Florida. I literally cannot wait to live here with you.
exploring Florida this week with Monica figuring out where we want to live in a few years 😊✨
yes, we’re vlogging it 🎥
get yourself a girl who looks even more beautiful without makeup 🙌🏼🔥
hi my name is Sam and my friends make fun of me at parties because I don’t drink alcohol
totally joking btw my friends are awesome
my YouTube video surprising Monica for her birthday just hit 1 MILLION views!! thank you so much guys that’s awesome 🙌🏽😊
reunited with my little bunny ❤️🐰
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