Brushes+Makeup palettes @hardwearbeauty brush rolls ❤️
Making Bluth memories.
Ok thank you- I don’t know if I trulyyyy mean it bc 2 hours on a monday is...a lot ...of time... 🤦‍♀️ @coltonlhaynes for forcing my eyeballs to watch this show haha - I’m a little in shock it didn’t
@hardwearbeauty is back at it merging the everyday eyeliner with an editorial edge 🖤 NEW video on You Tube. Link in Bio. Thanks to @kickkicksnare @dresagemusic Gallery is this week’s new song 🖤
Wow oh Wow @megmovie the action the stunts the thrill 
@wb and #jonturteltaub put on a show! Don’t mind that epic animal behind me... Thé costume magicians ❤️
@amystrozzi @jessiestellarhair @karenraphael 
Top and pant
Help make #AIDS history. Post a ❤ with #LifeRide9 tagging @Kiehls and they will donate $30 to @amfAR to find a cure for #HIV. Help us spread the word by tagging 3 friends.

For every selfie you upload with a hand heart tagging @Kiehl#LifeRide9
@Hardwearbeauty YouTube video Link in BIO!! Aqua Green Smokey Eye! 
Build your look from quirky to classy- Date to Party- Day to Night🖤
Subscribe to our channel! Link in Bio! I’ll be doing a You Tube Live tmrw!! 2pm pacifi
I see you...Israéli Ryan Gosling..I see you... on my new favorite show @faudaofficial @faudaofficialtv (yes- late to the game) #tomerkapon #americantomerckaponmightberyan’snewname
@hardwearbeauty HIT ;) on @youtube 
Check it out ❤️ 🎶 by @musicbyjohnk thank you!!! @kickkicksnare
The @hardwearbeauty Brush Rolls aren’t just for brushes;)❤️ Head to to check them out!
Thanks @foxtv @variety @youtube ! When you only spend a day at comic con your 👠 don’t try and murder you. It’s a really nice feeling being able to walk outta there❤️❤️❤️ @karenraphael 
Nights at the Ford #wildnightswithemily @joelmichaely4real @b3a1rix 🌹🌹
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