Marshmello and I got in the kitchen and tore it up together like culinary tag team champions! Who is your ideal culinary tag team partner?
Haha! Just chilling with the boys
I wanted to make him in to an Epic S’more, but he wanted to continue living. We’ll think of something to do in the kitchen together.
This picture was an accident
I ran in to this beauty at the Ed Hardy mixer in Dubai! @sushitrash just dropped some new music; “Slow dancing in the dark” out now on everything
I know what you’re dog has weird nipples. It’s ok, he knows and he doesn’t care. Maybe you shouldn’t be so concerned with puppy nipples anyways weirdo! Take a picture of his nipples!! It’ll last longe
We had ramen together. A lot of ramen. You can’t see it, but we got real noodle bellies in this pic.
We drank 7 Million Scoville Spicy Starbucks on @EpicMealTime. Also, @xavierwoodsphd hates spicy and hates coffee. Who else wants a hole in their tummy?!
I’m having fun. But it looks like @chefatari is in love.
Eating pizza with Roman Reigns.
#throwback to when I was fat and beat up @shaq
Thanos is a moron. *spoilers*

He had the gauntlet and erased half of everyone. Some goofballs even think he’s a good guy for doing this. I don’t agree at all. First of all, he threw his daughter off a cliff. Then he erased ever
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