We have just entered the spice aisle at WalMart with ‘Bacon In A Bottle’ bacon seasoning!! It’s also available at
Feeling cute, not deleting later
I’m 33 now.
I expect a huge year. 33 was my number in football for a few years. Been looking forward to this one.
Buy any item and get any item free!! All merchandise!! Hats, hoodies and tees!! Use code “freebacon”
Link in my bio!
NEW EpicMealTime video on YouTube!! Thank you so much to Drake for being in this episode! As I sat in front of this GIANT stack of pancakes with Drake and DJ Khaled, I knew it was God’s Plan!
Yung Jerky Boi with the realest jerky in the game!! Tag a friend who likes pizza...or tag a friend who is a jerk. Both work!
I can’t believe I have my own jerky.  Not only that, but it’s the best jerky in the game! Pizza flavoured. You can get it at Walmart or online!
Losing my mind at #WWERAW when it was in Montreal!
Bearded Man Looking Up...
If you want it
Get some Pizza In A Bag! My pepperoni jerky is available at every WalMart in the USA! It’s incredible and I’m super proud of it!
My first time ‘acting’ was 10 years ago today. ‘The Lemonade Stand’
I don’t normally post things like this, but hopefully this is that little extra, inspiring push to those who are trying to make something happen
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