We went hard for Chinese New Year!

How many Chinese friends do you have?! Don’t lie.
My new haircut!

Not now chief, I’m in the zone. (Let me know if you get my reference in the comments)
Serving up massive amounts of hamberders (I paid)
I’m lead vocals and I play the burrito. 
PS-I’m googling people that leave comments.
This is a cheeseburger that we deep-fried 50x on the NEW EMT video! What should I deep fry next?!
I been through a lot... What do you guys miss from 2009? I miss being friends with Tom.
You're never alone when you have green bean casserole to keep you company. The $1k grand prize is still out there - you have until 12/22 to get your entry in!

Upload your holiday photo with a green bean casserole to Instagram by 12/22
Starting this month, you can get your hands on our delicious Uncured BACON Jerky In a Bag and TACO in a Bag Beef Jerky at participating @7eleven stores!
I felt some people needed to hear this. -A Canadian
Official #Fortnite Toys in an Official Fortnite Piñata! We don’t have much piñata experience in Canada!!
You can get these toys everywhere Dec. 1!!
Thank you @jazwares for the package!
Huge shout out to Nintendo of Canada for giving me a sneak peek at #SuperSmashBrosUltimate! 
WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITE CHARACTER IN SMASH?! I had a blast practicing with Snake for my eSports Smash debut! CANNOT WAIT for December 7th! #Nintendo
Spoke about cartoons and ate dumplings with @ajol_llama today. I tried to pay for lunch and she pointed a finger gun at me.
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