Complete 5 days a week workout plan!✅
Monday: Chest
Tuesday: Back
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Legs
Friday: Delts
Saturday: Arms
Sunday: Off
Via @musclemorph_ .
Improve Spine Mobility While Sitting Down!
☝️Lots of request for things you can do if you're stuck sitting all day like driving, flying an airplane, etc.! This is a great one if you can't get up and walk around!
Here's how
Get rid of cellulite, tighten, tone and lift your butt! Double Tap and SAVE if you find these exercises useful! ✅💖
cc: @fitonomyapp
Toning the legs is very requested from you babes! Here are some exercises to tighten the Inner Thighs 💪🏼
Repeat 5 sets 15 reps! 
cc : @suse_urrutia .
1️⃣SUPERSET 1: Arnolds 10 Reps into Angled Press 10 Reps. You can do these standing of seated. I prefer to do them standing. 3 sets

2️⃣SUPERSET 2: Pinky Down Raises 10 Reps Pinky Up Ra
Wish it was that easy ! 🧐 Double tap if you can relate! @jc .
HOME BUTT WORKOUT (WITH A BAND) | Get this baby done either at home or at the gym (to finish off a heavy weighted leg session)

1. Banded Hip Thrust (from a chair or Bench) x 15-25 reps x 2 sets 
2. Banded Bulgarian Split Squat x 15
Just sharing a little home workout I did during the weekend. I kept coming up with different exercises .
cc: @_karlaburga .
@homesquatvideos 🍑 shows simple home exercises to burn thigh fat at home 🍑🍑🔥: @homesquatvideos  @homesquatvideos @homesquatvideos
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