Trying to keep my cool when I’m actually geeking out SO hard. First night out since having Ezra and I feel like I went on a huge emotional journey leaving the kiddos at home with @ben.ja.mins and seeing the insanity and orchestral mast
Still in amazement of what came from my body. I have 2 beautiful babies and my heart is so, so full. ❤️ After being cooped up in the house for the last 5.5 weeks it felt SO good just getting out for a short walk with both kids in
Can’t function.
Too busy staring at this face 😍
Thank you so much @jouercosmetics for sending baby Ezzie this @urbanbabyco onesie! Absolutely died when I saw it had his name 💙
My baby bear 🐻
Just got Ezra’s newborn photos back from @latelierphotography (they are the same studio who took Aria’s photos) and his smile is absolutely heart-melting! I hope he’s having sweet dreams with his co
Life has been a blur these last two weeks and sometimes I still can’t believe we are a family of four now, but I’m trying to soak in all these little moments because they come and go so quickly. Even with the lack of sleep and con
4 days old and already stealing hearts with those gassy grins 😍
#newborn #newbornbaby
I’ve been having contractions all day since this morning. Could it be labor for real? 🤔
I stood by this wishing tree (in between contractions, slowly waddling around Little Tokyo) hoping it can encourage baby boy to make hi
Pregnancy doesn’t last forever... right?!
40 weeks + 3 days and still cooking 🥘 #overdue
Baby’s due date is finally here but looks like this one will cook overtime just like his older sister! Exactly 2 years ago today, I had just been induced a depressing week past due and gave birth to Aria who was larger (I expected a pe
My stomach is trying to eat my skinny twin! 👯‍♀️
I can’t wait until I can share clothes with @alterationsneeded again. I swear we are normally the exact same size! 🤣 Only 4 days left until my due d
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