Our diary 2019 is out now and we have to say a big Thank You to @mirdinara for the beautiful illustrations she made for this one. Find her artwork on every page, stickers, notecards, paper clips and more. β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ #diary #pink #
Summer is not quite over yet, especially not with the cover of our latest Dutch Flow. Fun fact: the illustration, made by @violetanoy, was originally meant for the product package of chocolate. We are very happy it ended up on our Flow!
Designer @elizabetholwen is a pattern lover. And she will be sharing her favorite images on Flow Pinterest throughout September. Thank you Elizabeth! And there you can still admire those of our previous guest pinners. 
#patternlove #lisboa
How amazing are these illustrations made by @hadas_friedland_hayun? You can find them in the newest Dutch Flow, where we included this small notebook so you can make your own self-help booklet (and tips on how to do that).
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