The EPA will be releasing it’s new proposal on Tuesday, designed by the Trump administration, which will rollback the current Clean Water Act opening up millions of square miles of wetlands and thousands of miles of streams to pollutio
1 week till NY ❤️ @alexandersaladrigas #soho @isabelmarant
I can be whoever you want me to baby 💘🐇🌈🌀✨ @tankmagazine @vitofernicola @dogi_ @satoko_paris @karimbelghiran @roxane_dia
Me at the doctors office when they tell me I need shots 💉 Numéro Russia @rodrigocarmuega @emelie.hultqvist @mtjp333 @nicolabrittin @alexandrejuniorcyprien @creartvt_casting
Painted by my lovely friend @thecatzpajamas 💘
Just found out that #London buses run on a bio-fuel made from used coffee grounds and it takes about 2.55 million cups of coffee to fuel a bus for a year ☕️ I may not look enthused but I really really am 🤓
I’m going going back back to London London
One of the people I’m most thankful for in my life happens to be having a birthday the same day as thanksgiving 🎂 happy birthday @alexandersaladrigas I’m so lucky to have met a man who is actually weirder than me ❤
Spellbound by things left, the smell of old books and old threads, and the hairs that stand up on my neck when I find the past souls entwined within them 🥀
Monday at the office doing some anthropological research 👨🏻‍🔬📝📉
Voodoo 🖤
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