I still remember that time when we were about 12 years old or so and we kept calling the radio to win a pair of tickets to a show. We had just about everyone’s phone and we dialed and dialed and we got a busy tone but after a while we
We are accustomed to a world in which technology propels us at a rate we were never meant to travel - a system so precise that just a single displaced mark in the code destroys it. Of course technology fails too, it does, but we will never
Filming a top secret project in #Tuscany 🎬🎭🕵🏻‍♀️ can’t wait to show you guys my first acting role with dialogue!
“Masks” Cesare Sofianopulo (1930) 🎭
Thanks for this priceless #bts of me pretending @paulsinclaire Upper East Side studio was the stage to my erotic peep show on set with @ellenvonunwerth 👯‍♀️😂 @sweetestboyintheworld
Bet you’ve never seen a model use a belt sander before 🛠😈 #recycling this old bowling alley into a new desk
@maccosmetics #love campaign 🌈💘🍒 @davidsimsofficial @mariecbchaix @hiromi_ueda @establishmentny @bitton
I could feel the art breathing next to me and fill the room with it’s entity, that’s what I wanted to create really... a piece that spoke so loud all you could do is stand in silent stare and for a second you’d be frozen or c
Well we could imagine just about anything and convince ourselves of it too and so we did, in fact, everyone did and thus these lies we’d believed became our reality. 🦄
The sand, the sea, the unresting breeze, the salted shores and churning waters, a winter’s mist, a pallet of reflected sun, light unabsorbed, trapped between a clouded ceiling and the ground beneath me without warmth. Freedom was in ev
Luckily, I was the only one willing to hold the toad. I think we both peed in excitement and indeed we lived happily ever after 🐸 @flauntmagazine @alexandersaladrigas @jimi_urquiaga @mustafayanaz @jennykanavaros
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