@BabyMiaElise’s face when I told her we’re going home!😗👶🏼 Thanks for having us Dubai & London! What a successful trip! It’s getting tougher to travel with Mia as she’s getting older but s
In a world full of insincere people, 
find friends who are genuine and truly want the best for you, and no matter what they have going on, they make the time for you. Even though our schedules mean we can’t spend a heap of time togeth
We visited Green Planet and @babymiaelise had a screeching battle with the birdies! 🐦 It was hilarious! You should have seen her face! 😂🙈 We saw a sloth & Mia even petted a snake! 🐍
Dubai has
Someone is excited haha! 😃 We had an incredible night in Dubai last night. We had a beautiful Emirati dinner then finished the night with an abra boat ride. @babymiaelise was so relaxed she fell asleep on the boat and missed the
Getting todays 30x30 workout done! - Instructions below! 😉
Who’s coming to my workout TONIGHT?!! 😃💪🏼
Where: Dubai Festival City
My workout starts at 10:30pm & I’ll be meeting every
I’m in Dubai and have accepted the @dubaifitnesschallenge and I’m really excited to be running a workout tomorrow night for everyone!! 😃💪🏼
Where: Festival City
My workout starts at 10:30pm 
✈️ En route to Dubai with my @babymiaelise 👶🏼🎧 I’ve never been to Dubai before (apart from the airport) so I’m excited to have a few days to explore while we’re there! 😃
I’m 10 months postpartum now and I’m more confident in my body than I’ve ever been! 😃 I also feel the fittest and strongest I’ve been in almost 2 years! All those people who told me “you’ll never get
Chillin on the pontoon in a bikini & sneakers - cuz that’s just what you do isn’t it?! 😂
I’m trying to make the most of being home for a week & a half before we go away again! This time we’re off to Dubai the
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