UPCOMING TRIPS! If you live in any of these places or have ideas for interesting stories/people to meet, please comment below 🙏 NORTHERN THAILAND 🇹🇭 (group trip!), INDONESIA 🇮🇩(Jakarta
I’m doing a LIVE Q&A today on FB & YT at 10AM #NYC time (3PM #London time and 10PM #Bangkok time). Please comment any of your questions below in this post and I will answer them live in about 6 hours from now!! Don’t be shy, ask m#London #Bangkok
While I’m on the subject of #Iran, here’s a 100% truthful and accurate video I made right after my trip ended.  Iran is truly the most misconceived country in the world. It’s the complete opposite of dangerous!!! Persians are
Flashback to my first day in #Iran from exactly 5 months ago 🇮🇷 Such a lovely place that is probably the most misunderstood country in the world.  Have you ever been to Iran? What are your favorite places to visit ther
Antelope Canyon in Northern Arizona is one of the most bizarre natural treasures we have on this earth.  It’s a narrow slot canyon, formed by water rushing through rock over a period of 150 millions years.  Have you ever been before?
Happy Halloween from #Bangkok 🎃 It’s so nice to be back home after a long trip around Africa.  Can you guess who @deannasallao and I are? What are you dressing up as today?!
My last and only trip to #India was a 3 month solo adventure in early 2015.  I was a broke backpacker then, who didn’t have the greatest time after 3 severe cases of food poisoning and being in a fatal bus crash where my life flashed b
Here’s the first minute of my latest #Lebanon video 🇱🇧🇱🇧 Catch the other 3 minutes on my FB page right now (link in bio). Have you ever been to Lebanon? What’s your favorite thing about
Does anyone know how ridiculously tasty the food is in LEBANON?  After eating my heart out the last 4 days, I may put it in my top 3 cuisines worldwide.  My favorite dishes so far have been: falafel, hummus, tabbouleh, man’ousheh, oliv
The final 40 countries are going to be 10X harder than the first 153 in terms of visas, expenses, accessibility, time spent, corruption, civil wars, etc. Think Yemen, Venezuela, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Libya, South Sudan, Eritrea... But I do l
Found my twin in the Syrian refugee camps of #Lebanon.  An absolutely adorable girl who was following me around everywhere I went. We both brought each other so much happiness.  I never knew there could be red heads in Syria, but I was prov
Today was one of the most touching and emotional days of my life. @georgio.copter and I spent 3 hours mingling with hundreds of #Syrian Refugees living Eastern #Lebanon. Did you know that since 2011, more than 1.5 Million Syrian refugees ha
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