“Loving myself, Being passionate, Getting fit, Growing friendships, Meeting new people, Traveling somewhere new, Making memories, Cherishing life, Working hard, Praying harder, Building an Empire.”
“Oh dear, love yourself like you’re not waiting for someone else to do it.” ♥️
Oh hello monday 🖤 I’m wearing ‘Kūlana’ series in ‘Olive’ from @dianpelangistudio the colours and the patterns are so fun to mix and match! have you grab yours? 😆🖤 #DPxWardah @wa
The main purpose I came to New York, to put this masterpieces with my own hand, to style the hijab on her head with my own skill, to work together, to collaborate, to achieve, to represent, to show to world the beauty of hijab ♥️
Strolling in between working ♥️ #DPxWardah @wardahfashionjourney wearing head to our website to purchase! 🖤
Fitting time! Jadi misi utama ke New York ini adalah untuk pemotretan. Well I’m a perfectionist even though I’m also a last minute person 😁 hampir setiap pemotretan atau fashion show, harus aku banget yang susun urutan
Concrete jungle when dreams are made of 💛 #DPxWardah @wardahfashionjourney 📸 by @milesfrom
“Take your time, I don’t intend on rushing you. Go have your fun and do the things you love to do. And though I worry, I know God is watching you.. That’s my peace of mind. So when you’re ready, I’m ready, Love.. Wi
Summer in New York wearing the latest series from ‘Manhattan’ series, inspired by New York City.. I’m wearing ‘Nolita’ 💛 go check out our instagram or head to pelangias
Captured the first sunset of my fashion Journey in Manhattan 💙
Kadang suka kayak mimpi ya.. perasaan kemarin tid
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