👗 @alexandrevauthier ✨🖤
Ready to go 💥 #bazaaricons party last night 💋
Glam team @porschefabulous @__erinpiper @cloheyyy @fordmodels  @anthonybourgois 🖤
love you @noemieemm ♥️💪🏽🤱🏽
Lift others up to their best, don’t put them down.
We don’t need other’s permissions
We take risks
Let’s not listen to others negativity 
Let’s be stronger. #AllLove #ThatsWhateverTheFuckIDo
Looking at this week like .. 💪🏽
Les couleurs de #Paris ✨
Quick 💦 before ✈️ to Dallas
If i told you I’d have to kill you 🖤 #UpToNoGood
“There’s a whole world out there, waiting for you. Great cities and art and music. Genuine beauty, and you can have all of it “ #StickWithMe
Did someone say food? 🎥✨ #bts #yslbeauty
Quick escape to #Majorca with my oldest friends. happy birthday @louiisette_ 💙
On est les champions 🇫🇷 #worldcup2018 #fifaworldcup
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