Think we might have gone a little overboard on the birthday festivities!!! πŸ“Έ @marksingerman
Join the #AXEpressYourself challenge. Change your hairstyle, share a selfie, and AXE will donate $1 to anti bullying charity Ditch The Label. Learn more at #AxePartner
You won’t believe what @devankey did to my hair πŸ˜‚ But I got him at the end πŸ˜‰ For every new hairstyle that you share with #AXEpressYourself, @axe will donate $1 to Ditch The Label which is an anti bullying organiza
HAPPY BIRTHDAY @DevanKey!!!! You are my best friend in the whole entire world and I feel so lucky to be on this incredible journey with you! (Btw we DEFINITELY need a new pic of us in suits πŸ˜‚)
11 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I can’t even put into words how grateful I am for your support!!! You have changed my life forever πŸ™  And thank you India for welcoming me with open arms! This was an abs
Two Keys and a @Wengie
My pants have a knee pocket... Gotta step up your game @DevanKey! πŸ“Έ @shootla
Mood after watching the new Star Wars movie! #KyloRenComeAtMeBro
Thinking about something super serious... Definitely not about food... or pizza // πŸ“Έ @michaelmuchnij @devankey
WE WON A FREAKING STREAMY AWARD!!!!!!!! Thank you sooo much πŸ™β€οΈ Oh, and we hit 7M SUBSCRIBERS!! It’s been a crazy week πŸŽ‰
@zendaya's face represents how @devankey & I were feeling at this moment πŸ˜‚
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