Remember that time colleen told the story of gus mischievously eating out of moose's bowl because of me? yeah me too it feels like yesterday
Ig you could say we had a glowup @colleen
Hi it is blowing my mind that nearly a year ago colleen and erik were in Hawaii together and everyone was being detectives and finding proof that they were together. Look how far they've come in a year :,)
q: jurassic park song or the hug
Is anyone else seriously craving Christmas? I just binge watched all of colleen and rachel's awkward Christmas songs lmao
tag @colleen?
Lil Peach's room is so cute I can't wait to watch him grow up in there in vlogs and stuff 😻
This picture is my fav atm, they both look so happy ahh
Saturday: seeing colleen
Forever: wigless
Y'all ever look at a picture of colleen and think,,,,, am i sure she's real? Cause same.
I see colleen really really soon and it honestly hasn't sunk in yet
Hi lovelies 🌥 I just started school last week rip me. Idk why this edit is so LQ but whatever 🤪 (ps the watermark is one of my different accounts)
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