Sometimes, when I’m not employed in a show, I lose a bit of purpose. Today is not one of those days. I have a video uploading whilst I’m writing my book. I played with my nephew for a couple of hours and had a joyous time chatting
Wonder Women! A brand new podcast from me and @celindeschoenmaker !! Link to listen in bio! 💗 
Gorgeous Artwork by the brilliant @domedenowen
This was the last time @mrmichaelball and I worked together in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang about sixteen years ago. Think it’s time for an updated picture, don’t you? ❤️
Always fun seeing this one’s silly face! 💙🖤
⭐️ Ball ⭐️ Boe ⭐️ Fletcher ⭐️ Lucas ⭐️ 🇫🇷 🇫🇷
Can’t believe my name is in that line up. Genuinely astounded. Gobsma
This came up on my Timehop from 4 years ago when I was playing Eponine and I was trying on @celindeschoenmaker Fantine wig. Little did I know 4 years later I would be cast as Fantine alongside Alfie Boe, Michael Ball and Matt Lucas!!! Life
Found these the other day from when the family went to a medieval dinner when I was about ten and had our pictures taken for souvenir key rings! 😂 (Before people start asking, my mum used to blow dry my hair straight for me when
🤷‍♀️ I have no caption. Sometimes you take a selfie and you just like it enough to post it. 🤷‍♀️
Started to seriously miss this now. 💙 (for everyone asking, I promise you I have absolutely no idea when the cast recording is coming out. I’m as desperate to hear it as you are!)
Having such a wonderful day eating doughnuts around London with @celindeschoenmaker and @doughnuttime_uk ! I am so full but so happy! 🍩
Backpack from @instaspiral (Haven’t been sponsored by @doughnuttime_uk but was kindly i
I love London for its little quirky spectacles at every turn. Instead of your usual underpass, often just a dreary tunnel that smells like wee which takes you under a main road to avoid being hit by a big red bus, Baker Street has a Wonderp
Exciting times 🧭
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