F U E L 🍌 When i was younger i thought you had to eat less to be in the shape you want, now i know its about eating the right foods that not only make you happy but fill you up which is why breakfast will forever be my favourite!
C O N T E N T ⛺️ Happiness is going to bed roasting marshmallows with under the stars & waking up to hot chocolate under the sunrise with @harrietabbott . I’ve never glamped before or had the warmth of an electric blanket but
H I G H 🙌🏼 So today i took my friend @harrietabbott on a 3 hour hike up Reservoir Canyon in @visitslo - it was her first big hike and so we celebrated with salt and vinegar crisps at the top! However my bag ripped and
C O N F I D E N C E ✨ We’ve had a rocky road but confidence is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets! I walked into the @belmondelencanto feeling like pretty woman and left feeling like me! Our room, the food, th
S I P 🍷 I enjoy long romantic walks down the wine aisle, especially when that wine aisle is @biddle_ranch_vineyard and when i say wine i mean wine tasting! Plus, they have the most amazing house which i may have enquired for an u
B R E A T H E 🌵 When was the last time you just let yourself switch off? This afternoon we explored one of the 10 best gardens in the world @lotuslandgarden - my dad would be SO proud! 16 completely unique gardens with flora from
C A L I F O R N I A 🌵There’s nothing like discussing the world with your best friend on a hike but it’s even better when you’ve woken up in California thanks to @visitcalifornia - we’ve been sent to explore Ve
T E A C H I N G 💪🏼 I’ll be forever grateful for social media but it’s not my first love, teaching is. I love being able to spend real time (without phones) with people, seeing sweaty, happy faces & celebratin
W H Y ✨ Im feel so bloody lucky to have you guys following me but the question is why? Why do you follow me? It’s something i ask myself all the time & causes me to ask myself if i do enough. Is my content engaging, do you feel yo
P E R C E P T I O N 🤓 I call this ‘great lighting and @garnieruk everyday moisturiser’ 😂😂 Yes I have Abs but they hardly ever look like this in my mirror at home! Thank you mirrors of the world for
C R O S S F I T 🏋🏻‍♀️ I stopped sharing my @crossfit workouts with you guys because filming them really interfered with the actuall workout, my mindset and my me time - however im lucky to have epic frie
H A P P Y 💦 No makeup, no filter, just feel good endorphins! Two workouts done & the sweatiest of boobs to prove it! Ive really fallen in love with @instagram lately, your private messages & images of you all completing my workou
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