A D A P T I O N 🏋🏻‍♀️ Like it or not us women change daily, moods, hormones, menstrual, pregnant, menopause.. we’re never the same! So many of you have been messaging me asking how i’m adapting
S T R E N G T H 💪🏼 If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you - a quote I never really understood until I found CrossFit. Nowadays my challenges are slightly different, my goals of handstand walks and
M O V E🧘🏻‍♀️Waking up and moving my #body has forever been my favourite thing however nowadays my practices have slowed down a little to make space to focus on breathing, mobility and keeping my core str
G O O D T I M E S 🍉 You are one in a Melon! (Sorry, i had to!) If anyone needs me i’ll be hiding in the only shady part of our house with my face-planted into this melon & zero pants because, well, Summer! SO happy you guys
W A K E  U P ⏰ For those Wake up and Workout days! 40 minute total body workout! 
Workout: complete each exercise for 1 minute, if using both sides then make sure you complete a minute per side, with 3 sets for a full 35 minute workou
S W E A T 💦 My favourite thing about having friends online is getting to meet them at incredible events & having a giant squeeze! So i have a date for your diaries! Join me at #sweatybettylive on the 8th September where i’ll
R E A L I T Y ✌🏼Today has officially been my favourite day of Summer! We packed up the car & escaped to our favourite beach, @leonbusty strutted in his favourite budgies & i stripped down to my @calvinklein thong (because al
F R E S H ☀️ How amazing is this #summer heat? With bump growing and the best summer we’ve had yet, I’ve never been more thankful for my @dyson purifier! Not only does it keep me cool, it helps to keep my home as clean a
C A R R O T 🥕 Bump is apparently the size of a carrot which is something i can handle as its similar to what got me pregnant in the first place.. 🙈 HOWEVER by the evening i feel like a giant melon & really need to thin
2 1 W E E K S 🤰🏻So happy to tell you all that our scan was amazing & all is well with little bump! Ive just popped up a new Vlog on my YouTube channel talking all about the gender, trying to find clothes that fit & eve
L O V E 💗 *Watch video until the end for giggles! 😂* Money can buy a lot of things but it doesn’t wiggle it’s butt every time you walk through the door. Words cannot describe how much i love this little face
C H A N G E S 🖤 Body Dysmorphia has been doing all it can to trick my mind into falling out with my #body but luckily being able to stick to my usual fitness habits has helped maintain a positive mind set. 
I’m lucky that I
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