J A X 🍼 We made that! On the 9th December (3 days early) and weighing 8lbs exactly Jax Bustin (girl) completed our family. Im not going to lie i found the 39 hour labour really difficult but managed a natural birth with just 2 pa
B O O M 🤰🏻Now you see it, now you don’t! 😂 (the power of angles hey!) so excited to tell you that Bump arrived Sunday at 6:29am and im so excited to tell you all about it but am going to enjoy some offl
N E W 🌿 Guess who has FINALLY uploaded a New YouTube video, it’s a sort of weekly vlog, vlogmas hybrid and lets you know where i’ve been & how i’ve actually been feeling plus singing, foam, christmas shopping, pupp
W A T E R M E L O N 🍉 Guys we’ve hit the size of a watermelon stage, i repeat, WATERMELON! I remember hearing that one day bump would be that big & thinking ‘vagina says no’ but hey it’s happened! 39 weeks pre
N E X T ✨ Trust the next chapter because YOU’RE the Author! I’ve never felt so out of control as i do now, life is a little waiting game of ‘when will bump arrive’ and I’m so not used to it. Im beyond excited t
H Y P E 🤰🏻Entering the pregnancy world is like being given a key to a whole new world, people talk to you differently, touch you, feel like they have the right to tell you how to eat, drink and sleep AND there’s s
T H I N K 🌿Think about where you were last year & the things that used to worry you so much that no longer consume your mind and time. The relationship that wasn’t healthy, the stress of what this year would be like, the thi
E N E R G Y 🙌🏼 Those of you who follow my posts might remember me talking about the supplements that have helped me have such a positive pregnancy and @blueironhealth was one of them. I noticed a difference as soon as
L U C K 🍀 Hello 38 weeks & bump the size of a Rhubarb stick! Bump has taken the lead & certainly made me slow down, ive become a bath kind of girl & waddle time has progressed from 8pm to 4pm with me mainly wishing i could spend
P R E P A R E D 💪🏼 With bump's arrival around the corner I’ve been trying to get as organised as possible, starting with getting my Xmas shopping done! I’m someone who loves to get it all from one place, as i
S T R O N G 😍 Ok, ill admit it, at 37 weeks pregnant im starting to miss some of the more sweaty exercises but it feels so good to still feel strong, mobile and able to move! This little circuit is perfect for those of you wantin
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