Fun GIVEAWAY alert! 🚨
Head over to @yourdaywon to enter and win a brand new @fitbit and a legging of your choice! Got new goals you want to track? This is perfect for you! Head over to @yourdaywon and enter! 🔥
Wide awake. 🌞
Thank you for making me brand new @riadazar9
Get it mamas, we owe it all to you! Particularly you @holleyhuffine, for there is no me without you. Thank you for all of it! I love you! And because it’s your day I’ll tell the world all the moves seen in the @express commercial
Dog Moms: know them, love them, don’t ever call them crazy. 😉❤️ @jerrybrows @jerrylovesfiggy #nationaldogmomday #weensofwilliamsburg
Ramblin’ 🌹 by @denimandbone #rambleonbaby #mood
If you’re curious what my favorite color is... 🐆💪 Available now from @express online and in store!  #ExpressYourRules
Reasons to dance!? @express expanding sizing online annnnnnd IN stores!! 🎉🎉🎉No rules, fashion for all. #expressyourrules ❤️@jordynwoods @_dilone @lottiemossxo Directed by @alvarocdc!
Walking into the week like... 💥 #letsgogirls
@mrstreetpeeper peepin’ last night’s arrival and the moment I laid eyes on @palomija! 😉Haaaaaaaaay!!! Thank you @voguemagazine 🎉#spaghettiandMETballs #allmayberet
“her dimensions did not fit beauty,
so what did she do?
she stretched the hell out of beauty,
until it was able to fit her too”
-Jolie Brownell from her book @metoo_girl * * * *
Today I received the Beauty Icon award from @gl
15 years today and I still 💗 you NY! I’ve learned a lot here, but most importantly of all-don’t ever move some place and go to Ikea on the same day then put together all the furniture that evening too. Still scarred. Am
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