I think some of the best feedback I’ve gotten from my app so far is the people who say “there’s no way I would workout that hard on my own”. That’s like music to my ears, I think one of the hardest things about doin
Me still trying to process what happened on #NFLSunday yesterday....ummm what 🤯 So how did you feel about football yesterday??? 🏈
Working away & this lil dude on my desk said “Yo Callie you need some of this @omaxhealth cognitive boost” And I was all “already on that homie why do you think I’m so focused” And he was all “fine then check o
My face literally right after throwing a football...pure joy haha. Not posed just a totally candid shot, that captured this moment so well. I used to spend hours a day training, doing cardio & following my diet when I competed for years it
I was trying to do sandbag plank pulls with a single leg kickback...but @myhomiemoxie had other ideas 😂🐾 I tried to keep going but he’s pretty strong, he’s all look I don’t even workout & look how strong
I can’t believe it my app is live & available for download in the iTunes Store and I’m doing a GIVEAWAY! This is a fitness app for real people, who are busy, have jobs, kids, dogs, you name it. You don’t have time to go to th
Who’s ready to make some turns?! I can’t even believe how much snow is up here at @killingtonmtn on December 1st it’s crazyyy. My legs definitely not ready for it but I popped a lil @sixstarpronutrition preworkout and got to
Look at this! One of the beautiful beaches I was able to visit while in Phuket. Truth be told about that beautiful looking drink in my hand, I’m actually more of a beer girl but the drinks in Thailand were so fresh and incredible I had
There’s a good chance I may not take this hat off all winter haha. Raise your hand if you’re excited for winter hat season 🙋🏼‍♀️❄️ Also who you tonight, Saints or Cowboys? I’m go
When it comes to training I have done all different kinds of things. I have trained as an athlete, I played soccer, basketball and softball and went on the play softball in college. I got bored after sports were over and didn’t see the
I’m just a girl in a watermelon floatie asking you to play catch with me 🍉🏈🤣 So let’s hear it, going into week 13 how you do feel about your football team?? 🗣 pic: @ali_conlan #ilikespor
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