Just wondering if football thinks about me too 🏈🤷🏼‍♀️😆 Haha, what’s everyone watching now that the NFL is done? Any good series I should check out?! What about the AAF did anyo
What’s the hardest part of getting a workout in for you? For me, it’s about having a plan if I just walk into the gym with no plan and just kind of float through some exercises it’s a disaster haha. When I was training as an
How I feel when my juice is ready in the morning haha. If you’ve been following me a while you know I’m a big fan of juicing & no not that kind of juicing fitness people 😆 Mother Nature’s juicing!! One of the thing
Whenever I start a workout I like a little kick of something to get me focused and in the right mindset. That’s why I almost always start my workouts with @sixstarpronutrition preworkout in my @iceshakerbottle. But I don’t go craz
✨$2,500 GIVEAWAY!✨ Grace Medical Aesthetics has been my go-to place for all things cryotherapy, VO2 test, skin and more and I want to share them with all of you! I’ve partnered with @gracemedicalaesthetics to offer all of my
Here we go!!! Are you guys ready??? I’m all fueled up with @sixstarpronutrition & ready to go put me in Coach 😆🏈 Let’s do this Pats vs Rams, let’s go PATS!!! #sponsored #teamsixstar #gopats#sponsored #teamsixstar #gopats
Just trying to find a use for these belt loops 🤷🏼‍♀️ Happy Saturday night...what’s e’ryone up to? 📸 @jpatrickphoto hmu: @amanda_n_makeup
Who’s ready for that Friday feeling?? And no we didn’t get this shot in one take right @laurenabraham & @kim_honey89 27,000 photos everyone knows the rules 😆📸✌🏼
Is it Sunday yet?!! I can’t wait, so let’s hear who you got Pats or Rams?? You know I’m going @patriots 🏈💪🏼 Side note on this boomerang to a lil #tbt to the time I got to film trickshots in Ya
What up everyone!! Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately, I haven’t been feeling so hot and honestly then when I do come social media I end up just logging right off. Just not feeling it, was just talking about it this weekend
Day 1 at the LA FitExpo with @plankkapps in the books! Kicked off with this fun lil shoot with @robertreiff and then down to the Plankk booth. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi and those of you who just stopped by to say who are y
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