{ The Rendezvous } • Finally my video is out, made w/ @maikid + @craftrad in Australia.
Check out the video on my IGTV. ⚡️🏍💨 @scramblerducati
{ I go where you go } • Here the first photo of a series I created - invited by @ron_flordecana - to capture the youth of the country I come from, Italy.

Here is Rome, from the eyes of these two ♥️, who live in this city i
A short story of water in Tanzania.
{ Long roads ahead } • Going fast enough as long as the time runs along your day.

A deep green ride through the Australian forest w/ @scramblerducati and the powerful #scrambler1100
{ Roads of Australia } • Riding w/ the Berlin guys @craftrad, we just find - for many kilometers - the deep green of the vegetation and empty roads.

Our @scramblerducati Australian experience with the dark #scrambler1100
{ Stop & Look } • Going outside the city and the magnificent coast is here, out of the blue.
@yellowhut in light blue on the rock.
{ Landing in Sydney } • Go to the hotel garage, turn on the bike and go straight over the Sydney bridge.

Another place, another road with @scramblerducati + @craftrad and the 🏍 this time is the #scrambler1100
{ A playground in Brown & Green } • Outside the built-up areas, here, life on Earth becomes an endless playground, where nature and joy keep working well.

This is second last chapter of my life changing experience in #tanzania w/ @
{ Sisterhood } • Janet + Hellen is a kind of friendship that left me speachless.

The fine art print of this double portrait is available on sale.
Just 20 signed copies, DM me for the details.

The entire income will be sent direc
{ Sisters of 🇹🇿 } • Just 1 hours far from the city I find a longer horizon and different breathtaking faces.

Exploring the countryside w/ @wamiwater 
#wamitrip #tanzania #🇹🇿 #water#wamitrip #tanzania
{ 💧 } • Hawa - 13 years old - is one of the beneficiaries of the connection to the water system, thanks to the work of @wamiwater .
A life changer day for her family. When I went to see her, after a moment of shyness, she l
{ 💧} • An impressive scene in Mtera, a lake plenty of dead fishes and plastic waste but a water reserve useful for the entire area, even if the desolation of people who work and live by the lake is similar to hell for my eur
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