Did some @poppilatesofficial with these incredible women on @homeandfamilytv!!! I remember watching @alifedotowsky on The Bachelor (Jake’s season) YEARS AGO and totally rooting for her to make it to the proposal! 🥀 And now I
Want to die a silent cardio death? Your downstairs neighbors will never know. 💀 Comment below where you typically work out? Is it a bedroom? Dorm room? Apartment? House? Gym? #blogilates
50% of people either spell or say my name wrong the first time they meet me. 😭Comment below how you think my name is spelled! #blogilates
Me pretending to be all casual, but inside I‘m just thinking about when I’m going to eat, how I’m going to get there, and what I’m going to order. 🥘 #blogilates #foodie
Have you ever done that thing where you give up on taking off your sports bra and your boobs are just bulging forward, squished in a reverse cleavage, and you just stand there with your arms by your sides and pray for the forces of the univ
It’s amazing the different types of ❤️ you can unlock on this journey of life. The butterflies 🦋 when you see your crush. The fire 🔥 that burns for your boyfriend or girlfriend. The sparkling, bubbly hig
I hate those cookies with 1/3 serving sizes. 🍪 Like who is going to open up a cookie and not eat the whole thing!??? What food do you love eating several servings of? #blogilates
This photo was taken at the beginning of my vacation BEFORE I let loose and ate whatever the heck I wanted! I’ve done vacations before just ordering salads 🥗🥗, but I always regretted not truly experiencing the cul
I don’t know. I look kinda founding father-ish every time I try a low pony. You? #blogilates #lowponytail
Thank you everyone for your outpouring of support on my post regarding my wedding nerves. 💕 (And thank you to my amazing sis for sitting on the phone with me for an hour as I ugly cried in the car while parked on the side of a ro
When I asked for a revenge @piit28official workout, YOU GUYS DID NOT HOLD BACK!!!!! 🔥😭💀🔥😭💀 I died so many times. It was @bienexo from Germany who had the pleasure of torturin
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