This stretch routine is so effective for getting into your splits. The honest pigeon with the saw is seriously the best most effective thing ever!!! Discovered it DURING one of our lives. 👌Don’t do the block under your foot
Yay just dropped some new stuff on @popflex_active!!! Like this comfy hoodie...but like lots of fun food inspired tees for those of you who love carbs 🍞 and donuts 🍩 and matcha 🍵 and cheese 🧀! Go
Yay day 7 of #stretchrevolution is done with such a lovely SPLITS class! Here are the stretches we’ll be doing for week 2. It is all focused on the back! (Not my most flexible area so you’ll see me struggle majorly.) If you’r
Thank u, next abs inspired by @arianagrande. For some, maybe you’ll do this as your breakup/comeback workout. For others in a happy relationship, maybe you’ll do this as you’re cutting ties with a negative person in your lif
I can’t believe my mom was younger than me right now when she had me. It makes me wonder how old I’ll be if/when kids get into the picture! Life has been crazy, so I don’t know when I’ll be ready. But maybe it’ll b
Married for almost a month! 😊 @samlivits and I haven’t planned our honeymoon yet because work is getting crazy with the holiday season coming up. But, I’m afraid that if we don’t go this year, it won’t feel li
If you’re currently unsatisfied with what you’re doing in life, think about this: if it isn’t making you happy or isn’t making you money, why are you doing it? Get honest with yourself. Make the move. This is YOUR life.
For the rest of the year, I'm going to start working towards building a new habit. The habit of stretching everyday - even if it is just for a few minutes!!! Sometimes I choose not to do it because I'm afraid I won't get a good 30 minute se
I just dropped PIIT 4.0 in the app!!!! 😱😱😱 And 4.1 AB ATTACKER is complimentary for everyone to try. 👊 Think you can handle? Go download “PIIT POCKET” in the App Store or Google Play Sto
Somehow I grow a baby in 12 hours almost everyday. #blogilates #foodbaby
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