Adele Renault takes Jersey City like a pro. Here’s a lil’ peep of her painting one of her feathered friends, in fact it’s a portrait of a local pigeon. A winner on a race to booth. If you find yourself lost in Jersey City tom
Oh dear what a headache! Nobody gets out’s so nice to be back home if only for a few days...
“Monument-Of-Many” Installation At Monumenta Leipzig. An unusual exhibition that combines works from the established to the newcomer, Monumenta was mounted by a team of about 25 people in only five weeks inside this cavernous form
Today some members of the ultra orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn celebrate Kapparot. It’s a ritual of atonement for their sins and a celebration practiced on the week between Rosh Hashana observance of the new year, and Yom Kippur
17 years ago these buildings weren’t here. The NYC downtown sky landscape was different. 17 years ago our lives changed. The world changed. The new before and after took hold. We all were affected by the the horrific events that took p
It’s great to be back in New York! Welcome to BSA Images of the Week. OSTAP @ostapartist leads this Sunday’s edition of BSA Images Of The Week: 09.09.18 / Monumenta Leipzig Special. @monumenta_leipzig Joining today
“PasteUp Festival” Brings 130 Voices To Berlin Walls. We got submissions from 130 artists, one to five paste-ups each,” says Moritz. “We have run out of room so we asked some of the the artists if we could put their art
Florian Kolmer @floriankolmer for @monumenta_leipzig #floriankolmer #monumentaleipzig
The Paste Up Festival Germany currently happening in Berlin at @deutscheoperberlin features a large collection of artworks on the walls from international artists whose work usually appears in other cities. An eclectic and entertaining mix
KAOZ FACTORY. Leipzig, Germany . #kaozfactory #leipzig #graffiti#kaozfactory #leipzig #graffiti
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