Thank you for always listening with attentive ears, taking care of me with gentle hands, and loving me with a caring heart. Here's to forever, my dude. #Engaged

Thank you for capturing the feelings we can't always put into words, @justin
sittin pretty.
rt if chips and salsa have made a positive impact in your life #chipsandsalsa2020
thinkin back to sweating bullets for this gorgeous couple last year. i think it was over 100 degrees that day, but so worth it, obvi 🙋🏻
nothin' like finding a wall of flowers that match your tattoos.
Super excited to partner with @BudweiserUSA so I can show y'all how we stay cool in this Kansas heat. Happy Fourth of July, friends! And as always, safe celebrating. #ThisBudsForYou #sponsored
hey, i'm alive. i hope you're drinking enough water & getting your eight hours each night.
on the mend
i'm back. 
my friend @jibasaur inspired me to revisit an old project of mine.
so... i'm a mom! on the left is my little jettley, named after one of the most badass rockstars of all time, the one & only joan jett.
I used to have qualms about posting portraits so much, but over time I've found that people are my favorite subjects to photograph... so deal with it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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