"This was the perfect finale to a three-month long road trip around the western part of North America, as seeing the colorful rocks of Lake McDonald has long been on my list of sites to photograph. I arrived at this spot just moments befor
Swim through the crystal waters of Kanuhura, where the sandy sea bottom ripples like the waves that delicately break on the shore. Ocean life pivots in every direction, but this school of fish continues to swim alongside @seefromthesky. Whi
Sometimes, the best trips taken are those that take us home. Avid traveler @eskimo shares this snapshot from a charming, cobblestone alleyway in his native city of Bremen, Germany — “A slow Saturday in my hometown, just having cof
A young rhino stomps playfully along the parched terrain of Etosha National Park in Namibia. A dusty sun sets in the background as a group of calves emerge to gallop around their mother and wallow in the muddied pools nearby, cooling off th
A soft mandarin hue cloaks Istanbul as the day dissipates across the waterfront and the iconic Byzantine skyline of the city. Lights emerge in soft orbs, glowing along the walkways that lead patrons to small cafes and bars as the city buzze
Dramatic landscapes, rich culture, and welcoming locals breathe life into a city that’s always in motion; a destination where crimson sands stir up in the wind, where the Persian Gulf glistens and ripples, and where awe-inspiring archi
A new morning burns slowly on the horizon in sherbet hues, cascading over the vermillion and rust-colored rooftops, as one of Europe’s most beloved cities stirs slowly to greet the day. @alanisko captured this colorful aerial shot of P
Arctic adventurers snake across the top of a grand peak in the Engadine valley region of Pontresina, overlooking the black and white peaks of the neighboring mountain range. This Swiss locale is a stunning destination for those who love win
The start of fall creeps in quietly, settling in misty waves that hang over the waters of a glassy lake and in shards of golden light diffused over the thick brush of evergreens, their foliage morphing in quiet hues to signal the turn of se
Beneath our differences, we are all the same — or as famed Mexican printmaker and creator of the symbolic La Catrina, José Guadalupe Posada, once said, "Todos somos calaveras" — "we are all skeletons." Today marks the sec
Dewy morning light streams though evergreen-colored needles and along the thick, rust-red skin of the looming sequoias inside Kings Canyon National Park in California — the sight of which is truly humbling. These gentle giants can grow
A nearly tangible sense of serenity surrounds this ruby red cabin tucked into the forests of the Snoqualmie Pass, a slow-flowing river singing nature's quiet song. The pass winds its way through the Cascade Range of Washington, brushing the
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