Went home from baking class and decided to hang out in my brother's room with this cutie! 🐶
Lost in my thoughts 💭
When all you really want to do is just bake 💭 -----------
swipe ➡️
Dark Chocolate Orange Scone
Banana Bread
Peach Muffin
Day ✌🏻️ ----------
Walnut Brownie
White Chocolate Cranberry Cookie
Kalamansi Crinkles 
swipe ➡️
----------- You can never have too much sugar 🙈
How's your sunday?..
Saturday class is about Pinoy Sweet delicacies ❤️Didn't know how fun it would be to make your favorite childhood miryenda.. It definitely brought back good memories.. Naalala ko yung mga nagtitinda sa labas ng bahay namin dati nun
First day as a student in Baking and Pastry Arts course 😊 Can't wait to attend my future classes.. Exciting❤️ #bakingbybea
Thanks giving party for KASAL 🙏🏻 Always grateful for the opportunities and to everyone who goes out of their way to watch our movies. I am living the dream ❤️
Color Play 
Excited for my next journey! It's never too late to learn something new ❤️ #bakingbybea 🍪🍩🍮🍰
Proud to be a new member of the @fncjewelry family ❤️Obsessed with their current collection.❤️
Excited for our future collaborations💎💎💎 #beaforfncjewelry
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