Yeah, we live in a really cool place. 
Nothing better than a smooth mountain road. 
Hiking through forests of Mt Shasta

Waterfalls and bridges are good combinations. 
Quick stop on a fun Thanksgiving roadtrip with my parents!

Sunrise on a California beach. We have a few nice south facing spots even on the west coast. 
It’s been awhile since I caught sunrise at a beach. It’s magical. Glad I woke up to cheer on @ailoves and @issata in their relay triath
Golden State

#priime #priime_nakedingold
One of my favorite engagement sessions with two wonderful friends.

@melotones @saucymew
It’s been a long time since I shot for a car company. Cars have been a passion of mine even before photography 🤭 It’s great to combine the two hobbies. Looking forward to shooting more like this in the future.
It’s rare for me to feel present and aware of my physical body on a single point on this planet. When I can do that, I realize that I have a small ability to be important to someone or some cause. We can all change the world in differe
People often rush west for sunrise in the SF Bay Area, but the gems are always east. 
#priime #priime_magic
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