My LIFE the last couple days. Have you seen @vitsoe shelves? Have you SEEN them? They’re gorgeous. And expensive. And we need them. Obviously.
Moving be like... (But actually Will farted right when he took this and his farts sound like a brass instrument maybe a trumpet maybe a tuba on the day)
Trying to sort out this nonsense of a closet before we move into our new apartment BECAUSE DID YOU KNOW WE GOT A NEW APARTMENT! The worms are movin y’all!! 🐛🐛🐛
Much much MUCH fog very fog GREAT fog. I was up at 6:30am (very early for me) and I was treated to this FOG!
Excuse me whale I contemplate buying every print in this damn gallery!! Will bought me a real cute print of a plant by @elliotkruszynski and now I want this big beautiful blue boy!!! 🐳🐳🐳 (also if you want an
This was from before I cut my hair again and it was getting to an unacceptable level but at least there was a cool strip of sunlight to make it all better.
“How thick is YOUR bottom?”
Something I never thought I’d hear a pottery teacher ask with such gusto! Swipe right for giggles and goofs and the finished product at the end! Pretty proud of my lil ole bowl!!
Fall has finally.. fallen(?) in london. Yay sweaters! Yay feeling like you’re wearing a blanket all the time!
Idk WUT this is but I saw it while I was walking the other day and it gave me a satisfying nice feeling so I thought you might like it too? I really want to know what it feels like to sit in the middle of this sky bridge? Is it a sky bridge
Yo kiddos. Just uploaded a bit more of a serious vid if you wanna go watch. Just being really excruciatingly honest with myself and you guys... kind of a weird feeling but it was really therapeutic to talk about sooo yeah. ❤️
Smashed this afternoon tea so hard with this cutie. The mille feuille was a revelation. The scones were warm and inviting. We had a GOOD TIME. Drinking tea with a friend in the middle of the day is liggity lit.
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