I’m taking you with me 
Every step I take
Aromatherapy, Prana, oxygen delight
You can make that choice of Going back to basics

@gianlucaguaitoli @carlottabertelli_6x6💫
🎈Bonjour pari! 🌈
I grew up watching my father developing film in a dark room 
What a magic moment that was to see the final picture 
A process of true creation 
Being in the dark room of our imagination 
What can we feel?
What can we convey? Liberated
Completely raw 
Here I am
A night to remember 
Embracing the show at @mankocabaretparis
Celebrating!  my soon debute for @jpgfashionfreakshow at the follies Berger in September with my director @jpgaultierofficial
And fairy god mother✨ @catherinebaba
A P♥️ris moment ✨✨✨ Polaroid by @guillaumethomasparis
Count your blessings.. drop by drop
I have a pice of earth with me 
@aumrudrakshadesigns thank you for the  necklace 🔮
Morning Cap off to couture ! Cheers
@diesel #dieselhatecouture
a night to celebrate @peter_dundas 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @catherinebaba ♥️
Photo by @germanlarkin catch me in action!
Divine New age,New era 
Thank you 
@schiaparelli @kegrand @bitton 💙@bertrandguyon
sustain that sustainable couture!!
Dutchies 👊🏻 @ronaldvanderkemp 💥what 💥A 💥🐾⚡️SHOW!!⚡️♥️ Video credits  @lucienpagescommunication @lucienpages
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