Some of my favorite exercise  combination for the Abdominal. These exercises  work on strengthening the abdominal muscles from the inside out💚.
- In case you can’t do exercise 3⃣ Rolling Stand Ups - just replace wit
@andreiabrazier •The journey to where I am today wasn’t easy but great! the best part of it all that the road to getting there would have not be possible with out all of your support. THANK YOU 🙏🏽🙌
4 Cheese 🧀 Low Carb Pizza 🍕.
Super delicious and easy to make🍕🍕🍕🍕. This Meal can serve from 2-3 people. Great for Lunch or Dinner 🍴. #KITCHENBYANDREIA
This Stability Ball Workout can be done anywhere and at Anytime. This workout is great for your Core and Arms. Practicing these exercises will help to strengthen your body from the inside out.
•The Workout:
Repeat these 4 Ex
Ricotta Pancakes 🥞😍 so delicious, healthy and very easy to make. These pancakes can be perfect for your breakfast or snack.
If you are really hungry you can eat them all in 1 Meal or split them into 2 Meals.
A Great leg Workout that can be done anywhere 🔥.
Do 3 exercises back to back without rest in between exercises. Do 5⃣ Sets of 30 Reps (15 Reps per Side) of each exercise.
1⃣ Dynamic Lunge to Press (4-8kg Pair of
💧How many Liters of water do you drink a day?
I drink from 3 to 4 Liters in a day💙.
Water is so great to hydrate your body which will help you to keep younger , also great for your metabolism and Fat loss .
Super Omelette 🍳 . #KitchenByAndreia .
This recipe can serve 3-4 people.  Perfect for Breakfast, Lunch, or even Dinner 😍  After eating this meal you are going to feel satisfied throughout the day due to High Protein,
These exercises are going to work your Glute and Lower Back.
If you want to do this exercises at home, feel free to replace the Cables w/ Ankle Weighs or Resistance Band for the kickbacks and the Lower Back Reverse Crunch  machine can be
Don’t forget to 👉🏽Swipe to get my Beauty Smoothie 💗 Recipe too!
As I promised 🙏🏻 here is the complete recipe of My Home Made Granola & Breakfast Beauty Smoothie.
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