Home made Burger with Sweet Potato Bun 🍔.
Share my recipe with your friends and family by tagging them in a comment below 😍.
Also feel free to share your recipes with me by simply posting them on your page and usi
Kneeling Workout on Stability Ball, Great for Core and Stabilization.
The Workout:
•Start in an upright kneeling position on the Stability Ball, make sure to have your knees wide apart for easier balance 😅.
Healthy Energy Balls 🍡😋 Can be a great Snack or Post-Workout meal for those days when you feel like something sweet and of course healthy.
💙If you like my Energy Balls, be kind enough to share with your
🇧🇷BRAZILIAN Black Beans in a Healthier Option & a Great Rice Replacement With 10 Times More Protein Than Rice 🍚.
1⃣Video 🎥 BLACK BEANS:
-Soak 250g Black Beans overnight, (Make sure to
How to make My Low Carbs Spaghetti Bolognese🍝:
•To make the spaghetti you will need a spiralizer (I bought mine from Amazon).
• I am using for this recipe 2 Zucchini’s without skin, but that is optional. On
Foam Roller Squat Balance Challenge.
If you cannot do on a Foam Roller no worries it’s not easy, but you will get there 😅. I would suggest you to start on a half Foam Roller then s
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