Low Carb Dairy Free my kind of Lasagna 😍 I loved it so much that I ate it for 3 dinners in a row.
Share my Lasagna with your family and friends by tagging them in the comment💕.
I liked this Salad  @saadiyatbeachclub and it has quickly becomes one of my addictions. Very easy to make so healthy, and delicious 🤤 just to show you that eating healthy when you are out is your choice.
Let me share with you
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😍🍫 This healthy Choco Bowl is a powerful superfoods option for breakfast. If you don’t eat the whole portion for breakfast, make sure to sav
A good combo to shape and tone your Triceps, Shoulders and Abdominal muscles. I am using 4kg Dumbbells here. Make sure to use weights that are challenging and able to lift with control, otherwise you won’t be getting the best results ,
❓Question: Are Supplements essential and without them you can’t build muscles?
I did Weight Training for about 15 years without taking any kind of supplements and it has never stopped me in achieving great results , lean muscl
👉🏽Swipe next for behind the scenes😂.
My🥤 glowing Skin, eyes & hair Juice.
In This recipe I am showing a good amount of juice for the entire day for 1 person or it can be shared between 2 peop
Here is a great and very effective Elastic Band Workout for you. I am using a soft/ Median elastic band. Make sure to use an elastic band that has good elasticity with resistance. The below Circuits can be done at least 2xTimes per week in
- What is the best way to get Caesar and Cookie to like each other fast ??
🐈Cookie is finally home.
We waited for her to be 3.5 months old and take all her vaccinations before taking her home because when Caesar came to u
My Super Quinoa & Guacamole 😍 A perfect Super Meal for your Lunch or Dinner.
____________RECIPE #KitchenbyAndreia ____________
•Quinoa Preparation :
- 2 Tbsps Sesame Seed.
- 1 Cup of Mixed White & Red Quinoa.
One of my favorite Leg exercises 🏋🏻‍♀
-If you have Gym access you must do this workout 🍑.
EXERCISE 1⃣ Single Leg Press 5 Sets 10 Reps (Each Leg).
EXERCISE 2⃣ Double Leg Press 5 S
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