part 6 in my “pensive self portraits against children’s bedrooms walls in international air bnbs” which will be touring to the tate museum and then the MOMA in 2020.
they will never find me here
RESPECT IN PEACE Aretha Franklin - whose music, voice and battle-axe soul will keep inspiring women for generations to come. saying “legend” doesn’t even come close to honoring this artist’s spirit and gifts to humanity.
i did a sweet tiny ninja gig for patrons today in edinburgh at the incredible pianodrome, hidden in the botanical gardens !!! it’s a crowdfunded tent made of 60 recycled pianos - and total heaven. lots of kids ran around and @theladyri
another cold and misty - okay, shitty - day in edinburgh. my scottish highland ancestors were mostly drunks, and carried on being drunks after they immigrated to new york (that was two generations ago). alcoholism is partly genetic; the sci
ladies and gentlemen, @vendredinoir, international nanny of mystery. wearing the garments of her late vietnamese grandmother. #queen
last nights cast of midnight marauders - i’m the one in the striped pants holding the disco stick !!! i made fringe people mosh to the clash it was beautiful. #edinburghfringe (photo by @mwmccomiskey)
if you were losing faith in the universe today (i was! a local review of my fringe show said: “Ultimately, this show is not anyone looking for her to be held accountable for her dubious practices” & i gotta say i agree wholehearte
afp fringe review: *****!!! outside with the whole posse after seeing tom flanagan’s brilliant “kaput” in the assembly piccolo tent!! smart & hilarious one-man physical for kids and adults... comedy/slapstick about Everythin
hitting stage night 2 #edfringe
show prep makes me nervous. (lab show #2 tonight @ queen’s hall in edinburgh.)
GOODMORNING EVERYBODY. @edfringe show #1 accomplished. show #2 is tonight at queen’s hall. it was touch and go and disorienting and rough and soft and hard and beautiful and i cried five times and a lot of other people cried and i took
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