goodbye LA air bnb. in you i lived for three weeks, meditated almost every morning, nursed a cold, commuted to highland park to make the best record of my career, took many fucking baths, watched the news nightly in my bed alone while weepi
flowers for cousin katherine, b. 1938.
well i’ll be a monkeys uncle... CNN covered “mr weinstein will see you now”. first time one of my videos has made national news, and i owe every ounce of this to my 11,000 patrons, who made this level of freedom and productio
this yoga studio has voting registration forms. NOVEMBER 6th everybody. #OmThemAllOut #NamasteMotherfuckers
i listened to mixes until i collapsed and tried not to keep reading the news and then i went to @jherekbischoff and @mayumiam’s house and we watched titanic and wept. between me and mayumi we went through 9 kleenex. and we assigned met
YES @sarahkatesilverman.
listening to final mixes and trying every couple minutes not to cry.
who wants to share some very small, seemingly insignificant GOOD NEWS today to combat the tidal wave of crushingly bad news coming from capital hill? I’LL START!!: the neighbor two doors down from my rental apartment in LA is giving aw
comments like this are why i make art.
“How does one talk about rape, or even harder, illustrate it in a music video? It is too painful of a subject, and in many ways a taboo subject. What inspired me about the song is that it dared talking about rape in all of its differen
it is time. the video for “MR WEINSTEIN WILL SEE YOU NOW” is a crowdfunded artistic battle cry made by over 60 women. it is not safe for work. today marks exactly one year since the NY times published an exposé on harvey wein
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