you’re crazy & I’m out of my mind 🖤 outfit by @manningcartell 🕊 x
time for a MUM appreciation post!!!
there’s not a time you aren’t there.. for my happiest moments & on my darkest days 🕊 xx

don’t take yo mumma for granted, their love is without reason — we’re young,
one of the most important lessons I learned last year was, don’t let anybody make you cruel.. now matter how badly you wanna give him or her a taste of their own bitter medicine.. it’s never worth losing yourself!! be their peace,
hair for days 🖤 @greatlengthsaus #GreatLengthsAus @davidmccarthy5 @goldssalon @hayleyannjordan_ thank youuuu 🖤 x
our pink pink super yacht party with @beautyblender this weekend was offffff the charts!! celebrating the launch of their new BOUNCE foundation 💗💛 #BounceWorthy 🥂🦋 yes please
ayeee BABESSS 🕊💗 the vlog from my girls trip to Los Angeles with @beautyblender is now LIVEEEE on my YouTube!! hit the link in my bio to check out @beautyblender’s new foundation “BOUNCE” & see all the e
thought of the day 💛 so I’m slowly learning that even if I react, it won’t change anything.. sometimes it’s better to just let things be, let people go, don’t fight for closure, don’t ask for explanations
happy birthday brother 
I love you 💛 x
cheers to the new year 🥂 below I’ve listed 5 things I think we should all give up this year.. 1. trying to please everyone 
2. fearing change
3. negative self-talk
4. living in the past
5. over thinking 
getting rid of
dear ladies.. please don’t let one day pass without you feeling like the beautiful, talented, bomb ass goddess that you are!!! 💗💗💗 love AS x
🐚🐚 ahh I finally found my perfect aussie beach bronze!! best one hour tan I’ve tried.. @minetanbodyskin has pulled throoooough this summer 🌻🌼 also a fan because all their products contain 100
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